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Aimee (Deziel) Zammit

Managing Partner, St. Clair Partners

Experienced C-suite Executive with strong marketing and finance background and a demonstrated history in high tech, sports and CPG sectors.

Aimee (Deziel) Zammit is a senior marketer and brand expert. She has built her career on analyzing consumer behaviour and directing clients on the emotional and behavioural impact of branding and marketing.

With an agency background she spent time early in her career in traditional advertising followed by a number of years in digital marketing and social media. She then switched to client-side and spent 10 years as CMO and then COO,  providing strategic business direction  to Momentous; a global holding company with entities in a myriad of industries including domain registrar

Aimee also previously held the title of Chief Marketing Officer for the Ottawa Senators NHL franchise.

In April 2020, Aimee founded Saint Clair Partners  an early-stage investment firm focused on disrupting the world of venture capital. By introducing a highly supportive, strategic, and flexible equity solution, dubbed Modern Equity, Saint Clair partners accelerates the market entry and growth of direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands. The company provides expertise in four key areas: Business & Management, Marketing & Sales, Branding & Positioning, and Financial Management. After an initial round of fundraising, Saint Clair Partners can also provide financial support to brands who require a capital investment or debt financing.

Areas of expertise

Strategic Marketing
Brand Strategy
Creative Direction
Investment Marketing
Internal Culture Design

Executive Experience

St. Clair Partners
Managing Partner
Ottawa Senators Hockey Club
Acme Advertising

CMO Advisors

Through extensive executive experience at leading global companies, our CMO advisors have seen it all. They’re the coaches you want for the big game.

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