Michele Grieshaber

CMO Advisor and Business Strategist

A technologist turned CMO, Michele builds high performance global teams. She’s the former CMO of Silicon Labs, and the former SVP of Brand Marketing for AVEVA. She currently an independent consultant and Strategic Advisor for Aureus Earth. 

Michele Grieshaber is a seasoned c-suite executive, technologist, engineer and b2b marketing professional with a passion for putting the customer experience at the center of the go-to-market strategy. Driven by data, she provides expertise and a roadmap to increasing customer success and revenue growth. Her trajectory from engineer to CMO passed through product management, business development and strategy roles. Her marketing experience has been shaped working at companies from Fortune 500 to mid-size to start-ups, across a multitude of industries: IT software, manufacturing, semi-conductor, construction and industrial processes. Her knowledge base also covers consumer and industrial IoT.

Michele has held executive positions at IBM, AVEVA and Silicon Labs, where she served as CMO.  She is currently an advisor / consultant to several b2b startups, a mid-sized industrial equipment company and to Aureus Earth, an early stage carbon marketplace focused on the construction industry. Her product background and customer-centric approach combined with a bias towards data allows her to help enterprises organize for maximum revenue impact and small companies understand how to build a culture of success and prioritize what’s most important for growth. 

In her off-hours, Michele is supporting causes working for better outcomes in education and food security, lecturing on business ethics and ESG, riding her bike and training her cattle dog.

Areas of expertise

CMO Mentoring & Advisory
Corporate Strategy to Marketing Execution
Marketing Productivity & Org Design
Channel Marketing
Product Marketing
Brand and Culture Building
Customer Support and Experience

Executive Experience

Aureus Earth
Strategic Advisor
Silicon Labs
SVP, Brand Marketing and Corporate Marketing
Executive roles in hardware, software, service and financing
IBM Global Financing
VP, Marketing & Strategy
Board Advisor and Business Strategist
RF Code
Board Advisor

CMO Advisors

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