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Here you'll find the latest videos from Demand Spring's leading experts.

Video Series

Our video series delivers engaging and thought-provoking content on various topics.

Revenue Marketing Minute

This video series addresses critical questions about Revenue Marketing and offers insights on how you can strengthen your B2B organization’s competitive edge.

Preparing for the Next Generation of B2B Marketing Experiences

This series talks about Generative AI and its impact on B2B Marketing. We’ll cover what’s driving these changes, what it takes to succeed, and how to convince executives to invest.

B2B Marketing Discussions

In this series, we explore how you can leverage emerging trends in B2B marketing and share our insights on strategy and technology.

Video Series:
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Episode 5: Revenue Marketing Minute

Mark Emond, Founder and Executive Chair of Demand Spring, and Dr. Jeremy Weisz, Co-founder of Rise25, a podcasting agency, addresses the question: “How should marketing business leaders measure the value of their podcast?”

Episode 4: Revenue Marketing Minute

Join our Founder and Executive Chair, Mark Emond, and our Senior Director of Marketing Technology, Derek Boshkov. Discover how CDPs can help customer engagement, streamline data integration, offer personalized experiences, enable precise targeting, and enhance data management.

B2B Short & Long Term Goals

In the face of today’s economic challenges, we’re constantly called upon to deliver our best performance. The top executives and marketers understand the importance of balancing short-term and long-term revenue goals. 

How to build your: AI Tech & Strategy

Matt Roberts, the CEO, talks about how marketers must adapt to industry changes, especially by incorporating AI and technology into their strategies. He discusses the importance of aligning with go-to-market strategies and meeting customer needs.

How to embrace AI with Content

CEO, Matt Roberts, explores the potential of Generative AI in content creation. Explore how this cutting-edge technology can redefine your content creation process, saving precious time and empowering a more precise concentration on enhancing both structure and quality.

How to navigate: Culture, Talent Management & Operating Model

Our CEO, Matt Roberts, emphasizes three key aspects: talent, culture, and new skills. With 71% of marketers looking to AI for strategic freedom, investing in talent is crucial.

Own the AI Experience Story with Executives

CEO Matt Roberts emphasizes the critical role of marketers, particularly CMOs, in taking the lead on the AI experience with executives. It offers B2B marketers a unique opportunity to thrive by embracing AI, aligning with the broader business strategy, and demonstrating their value in achieving both short-term and long-term revenue goals.

Static to Dynamic Marketing

Matt Roberts, CEO will discuss how to achieve individual-based personalization, enabling your marketing to resonate with each customer like never before, as well as bid farewell to labor-intensive, outdated content production and embrace a world of high-volume, exceptionally relevant content generated by AI.

What Demand Spring thinks about Generative AI

In this video, CEO Matt Roberts explains how to approach dynamic marketing and generative AI in two key layers. The first layer involves what customers see – the marketing experiences. The second layer is the behind-the-scenes operational part, which includes data, technology, talent, content, ethics, and governance. Understand how to make your marketing more effective with generative AI.