Drive engagement throughout the student and alumni lifecycle

Few industries today are as competitive as education. Post-secondary institutions, spurred by online-only competitors, need to compete vigorously when it comes to student recruitment and alumni engagement.

The business development and sales teams in academic institutions help drive applications, enrollment, and alumni giving—but they can’t do it alone. They need a marketing organization with advanced Revenue Marketing practices, content, and technology to build engagement, affinity, and conversion through every stage of the student life cycle, from interest, application and enrollment to matriculation, graduation, and lifetime giving.

Demand Spring helps institutions in the US, Canada, and around the world drive a healthy student engagement model that propels student engagement and revenue growth.

Our Education Clients

Demand Spring has worked with numerous universities, colleges, and other academic institutions over the last decade.

How We Help Academic Institutions

We work with communications and marketing professionals across academic institutions to develop and activate marketing strategies for engagement and revenue creation throughout the student lifecycle.

Buyer Journey Blueprint

Successful revenue marketing means going beyond demographics and firmographics to understand what buyers are THINKING, FEELING, and DOING at each stage of their journey.

Revenue Marketing Strategy

When you must continually deliver short-term pipeline and revenue support, you can’t afford to operate without a solid Revenue Marketing strategy.

Marketo Implementation, Integration and Management

Migrating to Marketo can seem overwhelming. Not only is it complex, but you also want to prove that your investment was a good decision as quickly as possible.

Senior Leadership Team Development

Have you ever thought about how well marketing leaders in your organization collaborate?

Asset Creation

Compelling creative is a gift that keeps on giving. It connects you to your audience, delights them, and keeps them coming back for more.

Paid Media

With 3.5 billion searches each day, evaluating content online is an essential stage in the research and consideration phases of nearly any buyer’s journey.

Featured Experts

Founder and President

Mark Emond

As Demand Spring’s founder and President, Mark has a tremendous passion for helping marketing leaders transform their Revenue Marketing practices, enabling them to be strategic leaders in their organization.

Vice President of Strategy

Matt Roberts

As Demand Spring’s VP of Strategy Consulting, Matt brings a breadth of experience from his past marketing leadership roles at Forrester, Staples, and Schneider Electric, where he led demand generation transformation programs.

Director of Client Services and Operations

Andrea Drown

Andrea is a leader with excellent communication, organizational, and project management skills.

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