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Our goal is simple: to make you smile, to inspire you, and to tap into the wisdom of accomplished B2B marketers so we can all become more confident marketers. Host Mark Emond (fearless leader of Demand Spring) goes deep with guests about what inspires them and how they channel their ideas to help their organizations (and themselves) stand taller.

Carla Johnson

Episode 014: 

Carla Johnson

B2B Storytelling Done the Right Way

Carla is a world-renowned storyteller, speaker, author and influencer who works with Fortune 500 brands. In this episode, Carla shows us how to inject storytelling into B2B marketing.

Tim Washer

Episode 013: 

Tim Washer

Feeling Stuck? Shake Things Up with Comedy.

Tim Washer spent 20 years at IBM, Cisco, and Accenture while moonlighting on SNL, Conan O’Brien, and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and now helps brands connect empathetically through humor. Tim shares his process on how to shake up a brand and make them funny, relatable, and joyful to interact with on this week’s show. Tim also opens up on some of the mental health challenges he’s faced during the lockdown and why we all need connection, more than ever before.

Nick Edouard

Episode 012: 

Nick Edouard

Be Ruthlessly Passionate About the Problem You’re Trying to Solve

Nick Edouard is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at PathFactory, an intelligent content platform that removes friction by delivering delightful and customizable content experiences. Nick is a passionate problem solver and discusses the core problem PathFactory is solving in the marketplace today. He also discusses how the B2B market and marketers still don’t quite know how to leverage the power of AI to do some of the heavy lifting in marketing. All of this and more, in this week’s episode!

Tara O'Sullivan

Episode 011: 

Tara O’Sullivan

Energy and Time Are Limited Things, Use it Wisely.

Tara O’Sullivan is the Chief Marketing Officer for Immedis, the global leader in payroll consolidation. Tara is currently based in Ireland and runs an international team. She has been consistently recognized for bringing a unique blend of strategic insight and operational execution and has over 25 years of extensive experience in B2B Technology & Marketing. On today’s show, Tara discusses women in sports, what you should outsource in marketing, the relationship between demand gen and brand, and so much more!

Michael Brenner

Episode 010: 

Michael Brenner

Why are Marketers so miserable?

Michael Brenner is the CEO of Marketing Insider Group, founded on the belief that strong leaders who champion their teams are the key to unlocking massive growth. Michael is also a globally-recognized keynote speaker on leadership, culture, and marketing and author of the bestselling book, The Content Formula. Michael talks about why our marketing budgets are out of whack, why most marketers are absolutely miserable, and his latest book, Mean People Suck.

Episode 009: 

Mark Jeffries

The Soft Skills needed to thrive in today’s environment

Mark Jeffries is a sought-after keynote speaker and event host. He’s shared the stage with Joe Biden, Will Smith, Serena Williams, to Michael J. Fox and Richard Branson. In this episode, Mark shares his story as a live host in a virtual world, and how we can communicate better in our digital engagements.

Episode 008: 

Jennifer Griffin Smith

Be Real. Be Human.

Jennifer Griffin Smith is the Chief Marketing Officer at Brightcove, an online video platform. Jennifer is a fast-paced executive who is passionate about discovering new technology possibilities. She shares her philosophy on how to empower her team, what was the root of her early success, her experiences at Microsoft, and how she thinks about marketing in today’s world.

Episode 007: 

Peter Mahoney

The road from CMO to CEO

Peter Mahoney is the CEO of Plannuh, a SaaS company that provides cloud-based tools to help marketers build, manage, and share their marketing budgets. Peter has over 30 years of marketing experience and has worked in a variety of CMO roles. He is also a passionate supporter of the rights of people with disabilities. Join Peter as he discusses his journey from CMO to CEO, how to embrace your nerd status, and the inner workings of building a company on your money vs. on investors’ money.

Episode 006: 

Duane Schulz

The importance of Ethical Marketing

Duane Schulz is a Digital Marketing Consultant and was the former Chief Marketing Technologist and Head of Digital at Xerox until January 2017. He has had roles ranging from Brand and Marketing Intelligence to acting CMO over the last 17 years and has held executive roles at Apple and HP. Duane shares what it was like working for Apple during the 90s, his time at Xerox, how he sees brand image, and what it means to “do no evil,” marketing through the use of lean surveillance.

Episode 005: 

Ashley Botting and James Gangl

Take a Risk, Be Creative

Ashley Botting and James Gangl are both professional actors, improvists, writers, and comedians. What do these two have to do with marketing? Improv, stepping out of your comfort zone, finding creativity, and the art of taking risks are all essential qualities every marketer needs to have and our two guests today have some insights on how to develop these key skills.

Episode 004: 

Dave Laverty

Bridging the gap between sales and marketing

Dave Laverty has more than 30 years of marketing executive experience in hi tech, which includes roles such as the CMO for IBM as well as Cognos. In this episode, Dave answers the age-old question of how to better align and marketing, and skills that CMOs, and really all marketers, need to know now more than ever.

Episode 003: 

Christine Washburn

Politics to robots, and everything marketing in between.

Christine Washburn has been recently appointed Chief Marketing Officer for Berkshire Grey, an AI robotic fulfillment company in the retail distribution and logistics industry. Christine joined the company shortly after the pandemic and has been working in her new leadership role 100% remotely. In this episode, Christine talks about her career in politics, how to break through the AI buzzword and stand out, and how she solves work problems in her dreams.

Episode 002: 

Gregor Jeffrey

The Science Behind Successful Communication

Gregor Jeffrey is a former International Defense Expert and a Communication Thought Leader. He jokes that he’s probably the only communication expert that has been fired due to poor communication skills! After getting consistent feedback throughout his career that he was a poor communicator, Gregor dedicated himself to learning what it takes to present ideas effectively and to have others trust you more efficiently. It was through this journey that Gregor discovered that we each have four different and distinct thinking preferences. He dives into what this all means on this week’s show!

Episode 001: 

Elle Woulfe

Empathy and Making People Feel Seen in the Workplace

Elle Woulfe is the Vice President of Growth Marketing at InVision and was named one of the most fascinating people in B2B Marketing in 2019. She is a veteran revenue-focused marketer with over 20 years of experience in digital marketing, demand generation, brand management and go-tomarket strategies. Elle shares her story, how she discovered her path to marketing, and what it’s like herding and raising chickens during the pandemic.

Episode 016: 

Mark Emond & Karen Morad

Hot Topics and Highlights From Season One

Marketing Unplugged Producer, Maddy Pigott, joins this episode as a guest host. She interviews co-hosts Mark and Karen to get their take on the insights and hot topics discussed among guests from this season of Marketing Unplugged. They chat about the buyer experience, what the future of marketing will look like, upcoming trends that are here to stay, as well as some of the personal experiences they’ve had throughout their marketing careers.

Episode 015: 

Neal Schaffer

Maximize Your Social Influence

Neal Schaffer is a recognized leader in helping businesses maximize their social presence. As a global keynote speaker, university educator, social media agency owner, author, and social media strategy consultant, Neal helps organizations through their digital transformation. Neal is the author of four social media books, including his latest book, The Age of Influence: The Power of Influencers to Elevate Your Brand. In this podcast episode, Neal shares his story on how he learned Chinese, making friends with internet strangers, and what social media has done to elevate his network and reputation.

Episode 014: 

Sean Reid

A Better World With Better Leaders

Sean Reid is the Founder and President of Arrowhead Coaching and Facilitation Solutions. Throughout his life, Sean has helped leaders succeed and lead. He tries to remind people that having a bit of compassion and authenticity will take you a long way as a leader. He also shares how his faith and work in the Church have made him a more compassionate person. He discusses struggles in times of crisis and how he tries to frame the situation so he can ask better questions that connect with his clients in a human way.

Episode 013: 

Carol Meyers

The Challenges of Bringing a Company Public

Carol Meyers is a seasoned CMO, CRO, Board Member, and Growth Accelerator. Carol recently left Rapid 7, where she served as CMO for nine years. Prior to this, she was the CMO for WorkHuman, LogMeIn, and Unica. Carol also served on the board of Advisors for WordStream, Brandeis University, MineralTree, and Emarsys. Carol brings extensive marketing and sales expertise and proven success in driving technology companies to growth, including delivering more than $1.5 billion in market value for investors through three IPOs.

Episode 012: 

Julie Zadow, Bill Anderson, and Maddy Pigott

Adapting to the Pandemic and Creating Marketing That Matters

Demand Springers Julie Zadow, Senior Vice President and CMO in Residence, Bill Anderson, Senior Marketing Technology Consultant, and Maddy Pigott, Marketing Specialist sit down with host Mark Emond to discuss current events. In this episode they touch on how the COVID-19 has impacted their personal and professional lives, trends they’ve noticed in the Marketing world, as well as the key considerations when adjusting your Marketing Strategy to fit the current landscape. Tune in for an honest conversation and valuable insights around how you can navigate the current social and economic climate as a Marketer.

Episode 010: 

Tyler Lessard

Communicating as Real People Behind our B2B Brands

Tyler Lessard is the VP of Marketing at Vidyard, a pioneer and leading global provider of video marketing and video analytics solutions. Prior to joining Vidyard, Tyler was the CMO at Fixmo and the Vice President of Global Alliances at BlackBerry. Tyler is a passionate marketing, product, and business development executive with over 15 years of experience in high growth technology markets. He is an activist in the movement to make B2B Marketing great again.

Episode 009: 

Jon Miller

Becoming More Relevant, and More Personalized to Stand Out

Jon Miller is the CEO and Co-Founder of Engagio, the leading platform for ABM automation, as well as the Co-Founder of Marketo. To say that Jon is an innovator in the Marketing Automation space is an understatement. Jon is a thought leader and evangelist. He has taken the stage at Dreamforce, B2B MarketingProfs, Marketing Operations Executive Summit, and the Marketing Nation Summit. Jon writes about marketing best practices and in 2016 he was named one of the 10 most influential marketers in the world by B2B Marketing.

Episode 008: 

Nancy Harhut

Blending Behavioral Science with Marketing Practices

Nancy is a results-oriented Creative Director internationally recognized for best in class creative. She is passionate about the impact that behavioral science has on marketing, and teaches effective persuasive techniques to businesses so they can really learn to move the needle to increase leads and sales. She is a keynote speaker and has taken the stage internationally sharing her insights on behavioural science in marketing. Her and her teams have won over 150 awards for digital and direct marketing effectiveness.

Episode 007: 

Brian Kardon

Getting More Comfortable in New Leadership Roles

Brian is a results oriented marketing executive with 20+ years of experience creating and implementing successful growth strategies. Brian is the CMO at InVision, a digital product design platform powering best-in-class user experiences. He has been recognized as one of the most influential CMOs by Forbes, a top 30 Tech Marketing Leader changing the industry by Synthesio, and in the top 100 most influential CMOs in the World by Richtopia.

Episode 006: 

Jay Baer

The Future of Content Marketing

Jay Baer is a Hall of Fame Speaker, renowned business strategist, a New York Times best-selling author of five books, and the Founder of five multi-million-dollar companies. Jay’s education programs at Convince & Convert help organizations everywhere rethink their approach to marketing and customer service, helping them gain more customers, and keep those they’ve already earned.

Episode 005: 

Randy Frisch

Consumers Crave a More Personalized Content Experience

Randy is the CMO and co-founder at Uberflip. Randy has been a leader in the content experience movement, encouraging marketers to think beyond content creation and focus on the experience. Randy is a best-seller on Amazon, his book F##k Content Marketing prompts marketers to rethink content and discusses how marketers can drive demand, revenue, and relationships with content. Randy has spearheaded a content experience movement to help marketers think beyond content creation.

Episode 004: 

Matt Preschern

Creating a Culture Where Making a Mistake is Okay

Matt Prescern is a B2B Marketing Giant. After a 15 year career in senior marketing executive roles at IBM Matt became the CMO at Windstream Communications, HCL Technologies and now Forcepoint. In 2017 he was named the 20th most influential CMO in the world by Forbes and last year was one of four winners of the CMO Innovation Award from The CMO Club. Matt believes that marketing is about occupying a unique space in your target audience’s mindshare in an otherwise cluttered environment.

Episode 003: 

Margaret Molloy

Brand Builders Should Build Movements, Not Monuments

Margaret Molloy is the Global CMO at Siegel+Gale, a renowned branding firm based in NYC. To say that Margaret is an accomplished marketer is an understatement. Margaret was named the 2017 B2B Marketer of the year, one of the top 10 most influential women in MarTech, a top 50 power woman of Irish America, a top 40 digital influencer, a top 10 CMOs on Twitter by Forbes, the list goes on. She is a strategic, empathetic marketer driving thought-provoking, attention-grabbing marketing through the idea of simplification.

Episode 002: 

Zarina L Stanford

Always Ask ‘Why?’

Zarina is the CMO of Syniti. She has managed aspects of marketing at some of the world’s largest, most well-known global brands (SAP, IBM). She is a recognized change agent who spearheads business and transformational initiatives by imagining what’s possible. Zarina strikes the right balance between strategy and execution to drive high-performance marketing in B2B. She received the distinction of “Woman of the Decade in Technology and Innovation” at the Women’s Economic Forum in 2018.

Episode 001: 

Ann Handley

Leverage Your Fun Voice in B2B Marketing

Ann is the Chief Content Officer at Marketing Profs. She is a digital marketing pioneer, best-selling author, speaker, influencer, and novice tap dancer. She inspires, engages and educates marketers every day. Ann writes and speaks about how businesses can escape marketing mediocrity to achieve tangible results. She has been cited in Forbes as the most influential woman in social media and has been recognized by ForbesWoman as one of the top 20 women bloggers.

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