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Welcome to Marketing Unplugged, a podcast about the humans behind great marketing.

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S5:E6 — 

Estelle Mense

Estelle Mense’s – “The Marketing Career Longevity Project”

Join us on Marketing Unplugged for a deep dive into “The Marketing Career Longevity Project” with industry veteran Estelle Mense. A powerhouse marketer with former VP positions at Ascend Learning and Blue Snap, Estelle shares her insights and eye-opening research findings to help you navigate your own marketing journey towards happiness and longevity.

S5:E5 — 

Doug Bewsher

Doug Bewsher — Where Is MarTech Headed?

Join Doug Bewsher, a seasoned leader in Marketing and Executive at Arrowroot Capital, as he shares his insights into the dynamic world of MarTech. As the former CMO of Salesforce and Skype, Doug talks about the power of AI in B2B marketing, the lessons from his agency work at McKinsey, and the future of customer engagement. In this episode, Doug offers invaluable advice to young marketers, discusses the current state of MarTech, and explores the shift towards brand-focused strategies over growth and performance metrics.

S5:E4 — 

TJ Hager

TJ Hager — Observations in Where the Future of Marketing Ops is Headed

TJ Hager is the Manager of Customer Success at Adobe and the creative mind behind MOPs Notes, a newsletter where he shares his insights and experiences in the tech and marketing industry. In this episode, TJ reflects on the challenges of working with a limited budget, the evolving expectations in customer support post-COVID-19, and the crucial role of marketing ops professionals in bridging the missing gaps in the market and driving business innovation.

S5:E3 — 

Sherri Kottmann

Sherri Kottmann — Best Practices to Elevate Teams and Embrace AI

Join Sherri Kottmann, Chief People Officer at Quickbase, as she shares her extensive experience in human resources and her approach to creating a thriving workplace environment. In this episode, Sherri discusses the challenges of engaging and elevating teams, the partnership between CPOs and CMOs, and the evolving role of HR in today’s complex business landscape. She reflects on the changes in talent management over recent years and emphasizes the irreplaceable value of the human touch in an increasingly AI-driven world.

S5:E2 — 

Mark Emond & Elle Woulfe

What’s In 2024 For Metrics, Marketing Alignment, Attribution & Content Strategy

In this insightful episode, co-hosts Mark and Elle dive into the findings of the Demand Spring 2023 Revenue Marketing B2B Benchmark Report. They discuss the significant progress in revenue marketing practices, with 50% of respondents believing they have matured in this area. The conversation also touches on the long-overdue tracking of revenue sourced by marketing, and the persistent challenges in aligning marketing and sales teams together. They also reflect on the effectiveness of a multi-touch approach in long sales cycles.

S5:E1 — 

Mark Emond & Elle Woulfe

Marketing in the Midst of Change: 2023 Reflections, Challenges, and Innovations

Join co-hosts Mark and Elle as they delve into the tumultuous yet transformative year of 2023 and its impact on the world of marketing. In this episode, they discuss the challenges marketers have faced during what Elle describes as a tech crash plus Mark’s observations from his third economic downturn. They explore the necessity of innovation in marketing strategies, especially when budgets are tight, and the pivotal role of AI in shaping the future of marketing.

Jodi Cerretani Marketing Leadership

S4:E11 — 

Jodi Cerretani

Marketing team innovation and MBAs in tech

Jodi Cerretani is the VP of Marketing at RollWorks, an account-based marketing platform for B2B Marketing & Sales. With more than 10 years serving in leadership positions at Vidyard, Kapost, and Kahuna, Jodi’s insights on marketing for high-growth tech are invaluable. In this episode, Jodi considers how her MBA has helped her in her tech career, and she shares her philosophy on productive team pods as well as customer marketing.

S4:E10 — 

Adam Schoenfeld

Marketing in the early stages of a startup

Adam Schoenfeld is a serial entrepreneur who has founded four companies, including his latest ventures, and PeerSignal, both of which are disrupting the marketing and sales space. In this episode, we’ll dive into Adam’s insights on marketing’s crucial role in early-stage startups, such as the initial marketing functions to prioritize and the traits that make for great hires. We’ll also explore Adam’s experience as a board member during the acquisition of Bizible by Marketo, discuss the significance of community-led growth and how PeerSignal’s community-first approach has been successful in its early days.

S4:E9 — 

Angela Earl

The power of leadership and a growth mindset

Angela’s career journey has taken her Executive Assistant to agency founder to holding marketing executive roles at leading software companies. In this episode, Angela shares her unique story and the lessons she’s learned along the way. She offers valuable insights into leadership, mentorship, and the power of a growth mindset. Additionally, Angela discusses her passion for promoting diversity in the workplace and why she believes failure is a crucial part of any successful career.