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Doug Bewsher

EIR, Arrowroot Capital Mgmt | Board Member, Limelight Networks

Doug is passionate about how data and AI is transforming Sales & Marketing, and has led and invested in some of the most influential B2B companies including as CMO of and Skype. He currently serves as an EIR at Arrowroot Capital, on the board for Limelight Networks (LLNW) and Engage3, and as an advisor to several growth SaaS companies.

Doug Bewsher is an Executive in Residence at ArrowRoot Capital, a growth equity firm focused on growth stage B2B software investments. He is passionate about how data and AI is transforming Sales & Marketing, and has led and invested in some of the most influential companies in the space. He also serves as board member for Limelight Networks (LLNW), Engage3, and is an advisor to several early stage SaaS companies.

Most recently Doug served as CEO of Leadspace where he pioneered the Customer Data Platform (CDP) category and built the leading B2B focused CDP, enabling customers such as Microsoft, American Express and Zoom to build a comprehensive, unified understanding of their customers and use AI to drive better engagements. He led the business to grow 50% a year and raised $40 million from leading investors including Battery Ventures and Vertex Capital.

Prior to Leadspace as CMO for, Doug led marketing activities worldwide, advocating and enabling companies to use a cloud based, data driven approach to sales and marketing. He launched the Salesforce community cloud, keynoted global events, and built a global team of 300. Doug also served as CMO of Skype, an early leader of “Product Led Growth” through to its sale to Microsoft, led the San Francisco office of Digitas, the first full service digital agency, and co-led McKinsey’s CRM practice at the renaissance of data driven strategies when the internet went mainstream.

Doug holds an MBA with distinction from INSEAD, and a Masters in Physics from Oxford University. He currently lives in San Francisco.

Areas of expertise

Data (privacy and personalization)
Organization structures
Measuring ROI
Product marketing
Sales and marketing alignment

Executive Experience

Arrowroot Capital Mgmt
Board Member
Limelight Networks, Engage 3
SF, Digitas
Global Director
Assoc. Principal
European Brand Manager

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