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Mark Emond

Founder & President, Demand Spring

Mark is the Founder and President of Demand Spring. He has formerly lead the Global Demand Center at Cognos and Watchfire, and Smarter Analytics Marketing for North America for IBM. He has 25 years experience building high performance Global Demand Centers.

Prior to founding Demand Spring, spent 15 years in marketing leadership roles at IBM, Cognos, Watchfire, and Corel.

Mark sits at the intersection of Revenue Marketing strategy and technology. He also has deep experience aligning sales and marketing, and aligning global marketing teams with field marketing units to drive global efficiencies and local results.

Mark happily resides in Ottawa, the coldest capital city in the world, with his wife and teenage daughter. Mark’s a basketball coach, an aging hockey goalie and an avid golfer.

Areas of expertise

Strategic Marketing
Revenue Marketing
Sales & Marketing Alignment
Field Marketing
Pipeline Management

Executive Experience

Demand Spring
Founder & President
Business Unit Executive, Smarter Analytics Marketing, North America
Director North American Marketing
Senior Manager Global Marketing Programs & Advertising
Director Global Marketing & Sales Programs
Corel Corporation
Manager Global Licencing & Demand Generation

CMO Advisors

Through extensive executive experience at leading global companies, our CMO advisors have seen it all. They’re the coaches you want for the big game.

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Helps companies understand the industry, identify new opportunities and stand out from the crowd.