Tuesday, November 8th, 8:30 am-3 pm at Fenway Park, boston, ma

Leap Live!

This conference will bring together the top minds in B2B Marketing to educate and motivate CMOs and their top executives on the hottest topics in Marketing today.


We’ve assembled a line up of Demand Spring’s Leap Advisors to share the top challenges CMO’s will face in 2023 —and how to solve them.

Leap Live! speakers are renowned B2B marketing leaders who will share expert advice on topics such as C-suite alignment, data privacy, diversity and inclusion in marketing and more…

Carol Meyers

Venture Partner, Glasswing Ventures; Go-To-Market Strategist & Advisor, Scale It Up; Board Director, Zipwhip
Driving growth, scaling organizations, and building global brands are Carol’s specialties. The former CMO of Rapid7, LogMeIn, and Unica and VP of Sales at Shiva now devotes 100% of her time to advisory for scale-up CMOs.

Buell Duncan

Strategic Advisor, Pillir Software & PathFactory Intelligent Content
Buell Duncan is a technology, marketing leader with deep experience in strategy, product positioning, business development and go-to-market. As a sales and marketing leader, he understands and advocates the importance of messaging and a personalized, customer-first approach.

Doug Bewsher

EIR, Arrowroot Capital Mgmt | Board Member, Limelight Networks
Doug is passionate about how data and AI is transforming Sales & Marketing, and has led and invested in some of the most influential B2B companies including as CMO of Salesforce.com and Skype. He currently serves as an EIR at Arrowroot Capital, on the board for Limelight Networks (LLNW) and Engage3, and as an advisor to several growth SaaS companies.

Tracy Thayne

VP of Strategy Consulting, Demand Spring
Tracy Thayne is a skilled marketing professional who understands modern buyers, their motivations, and decision-making processes. Armed with critical insights, he can organize resources in a way that eliminates buyer friction to support revenue creation and growth.

Jefferson Darrell

Founder & CEO, Breakfast Culture Inc.
Jefferson is a marketing communications executive with more than 18 years experience and is one of Canadian’s earliest outliers in the IDEA (inclusion diversity equity accessibility) arena.

Matt Roberts

CEO, Demand Spring
Matt’s an expert in building and activating high performance Revenue Marketing strategies. Prior to Demand Spring he held senior marketing leadership roles at Forrester, Staples, and Schneider Electric.

Pam Didner

B2B and Tech Marketing Consultant | Author | Speaker | Podcaster
Pam Didner is a marketing consultant, writer, speaker and author of 3 books: Global Content Marketing, Effective Sales Enablement, and the Modern AI Marketer. Her forte is to create successful global marketing plans that meet local marketing and sales team’s needs.

Chris Arrendale

Expert in building privacy and data security solutions for companies of all sizes. Focused on data privacy and security consulting to help companies stay in compliance. Also, an expert in email deliverability. Focused on helping brands make sure that their marketing emails land in the inbox.

Carlos Hidalgo

Carlos is passionate about helping leaders design lives they love and building corporate cultures that retain, grow and help talent rise to their highest levels of potential.

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What CMOs should look for in 2023?

Pam and Carlos will explore the emerging short and long term trends that CMO’s should be prepared for in 2023 and beyond – from the cookieless digital environment to AI orchestrating and optimizing the customer lifecycle. The role of marketing is evolving and Pam and Carlos will provide practical tips on what to look for and how to prepare your organization for 2023.

Pam Didner
Leap Advisor | Author | Speaker | Podcaster

Carlos Hidalgo
Leap Advisor | CRO, Demand Spring 

How data is transforming marketing (again!) - from doer to enabler

Doug and Tracy will provide insights on how data is transforming marketing and discuss the evolving role of the CMO. Marketers can get lost in the abundance of data that is available today. This session will focus on what data is important to your marketing organization and how to act on it. Key emerging trends such as employee engagement, data privacy and ABM will be covered.

Doug Bewsher
Leap Advisor | Former CMO of Salesforce, Skype, and Leadspace

Tracy Thayne
Leap Advisor | VP Strategy, Demand Spring

Alignment across the C-Suite - Driving Revenue while breaking down silos.

There are many requirements for marketing to be successful within an enterprise: the skills of your team, adequate budgets, and support from your peers and broader leadership. Sales, development, finance and HR executives are often taken for granted for the important, if not so obvious, role they play in a CMO’s success. This session will focus on building trust and credibility across your company in order to strengthen your team and solidify marketing’s seat at the table.

Buell Duncan
Leap Advisor | Former CMO of IBM Global Software Group

CEO Panel

You’ve got the information on aligning with the C-Suite and breaking down silos.  How do you make the most of it?  Carol, with a panel of current CEOs and board members, will explore how the C-Suite and board view marketing, and how CMOs can be more effective with their C-Suite peers, the CEO, and the board.  

Carol Meyers
Leap Advisor | Former CMO of Rapid7, LogMein, Workhuman, and Unica


Mohamad Ali | CEO of IDG, Lead Director of IRobot, and Board Director of Henry Schein

Sam King | CEO of Veracode, and Board Director of Progress Software and Zero Fox

David Meredith | CEO of Boomi, and Board Director of SADA

Diversity and Inclusion Marketing & Communications

Is a brand or company being truly authentic to its core values? All. The. Time. Not just for one month of the year and not just in their marketing. They demonstrate it with their supply chain. They demonstrate it with their ihiring practices. They demonstrate it with their internal culture. They ALWAYS demonstrate it! This is what we call Woke Marketing. In this session you will learn about #WokeMarketing’s “3 Bees.”

Jefferson Darrell
Leap Advisor | Founder, Breakfast Culture

Chris Arrendale: Privacy vs Personalization - Striking the Perfect Balance

Privacy concerns are radically transforming the marketing landscape. Your customers have come to expect personalized, and custom tailored experiences, but are now demanding those same experiences without sacrificing their personal data or privacy. It is this expectation that is driving the new “cookieless world” we are entering as we speak. This will undoubtedly lead to more first-party data collection strategies with customers, but the question remains, how do we do both? Chris is here to speak about striking the perfect balance between good customer experience and gathering the right amount of info on your buyer.

Chris Arrendale
Leap Advisor | Founder & CEO, CyberData Pros


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