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Case Study

When bringing an outside consultancy on board, being able to rely on a team who can help you with strategy development, planning and implementation of many projects helps to bring consistency not only to your marketing organization, but to your brand and how you are viewed externally.


Get the latest insights from renowned B2B Marketing experts to address today’s challenges and drive stronger revenues from our latest Leap eBook.


What challenges are keeping you awake at night, and how will you solve them? We’ve asked 10 of our Leap Advisors to share how they, and other marketing professionals are approaching the most pressing challenges in marketing today.


As marketers we spend a lot of time aligning with the C-Suite and breaking down silos. How do you make the most of it? Join Carol Meyers as she leads a no-holds-barred discussion with active CEOs.


Join Leap advisor Buell Duncan, as he shares how to successfully build trust and credibility across your company in order to strengthen your team and solidify marketing’s seat at the table.


In this session, Pam Didner and Carlos Hidalgo will be joined by Demand Spring Founder Mark Emond, to explore the latest emerging short – and long-term trends CMO’s should be prepared for in 2023 and beyond.