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Derek Boshkov

Senior Marketing Technology Consultant, Demand Spring

Derek is a Senior MarTech Consultant at Demand Spring who has a deep ability to connect business strategy with MarTech requirements. He has an extensive knowledge of the MarTech ecosystem and how to leverage it to drive advanced, highly personalized multichannel strategies.

Derek is a consensus builder, leader, and keen problem solver who has spent many years implementing, consulting, optimizing and troubleshooting MarTech stack operations. He is a firm believer that marketing teams should have a bigger voice in the business, and to do that, they need to be both data-driven and good story-tellers. His time spent at Eloqua solidified his technical chops, while his years as Marketing Ops Manager at Forrester and Achievers helped him understand the needs of the business in both a corporate setting, and a fast-paced start-up scenario. Using this experience, Derek focuses on bringing marketing to a higher position of power by streamlining MarTech stacks, maximizing existing tools and investments, ensuring that the MarTech plumbing is leak-proof, and then designing the reporting and dashboards that present powerful pieces of data to show all of the hard work marketing teams do in this day and age.
Derek partners with companies to address gaps in strategy and alignment along every stage of the funnel, using data and operational KPIs to achieve alignment between Marketing and Sales. He has years of experience in MarTech integration and implementation with tools such as Eloqua, Marketo, Salesforce, Bizible, PathFactory, LeanData and Drift.

Areas of expertise

Marketing Automation

Executive Experience

Demand Spring
Senior Marketing Technology Consultant
Marketing Operations Manager
Marketing Automation Manager
Marketing Automation Canada
Marketing Automation Consultant
Technical Analyst
Easyweb Specialist
University of Toronto
Research Assistant

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