Marketing Needs More Art


To build great stories, you need creatives—and you need them earlier than you think. So you’re a marketer who wants to do storytelling. Or if we’ve now passed that term’s sell-by date, maybe you want to build narratives. That’s great! Just know that if you’re leaving the creative stuff to the end, you’re probably not […]

Move over storytelling. It’s all about story building.

|||||Shannon Ross

When you take the time to build your story, everything that follows is more powerful, more persuasive, more memorable, and more compelling.   Let’s shift our thinking as marketers.  Let’s stop thinking about ourselves as a service organization and start thinking about ourselves as an organizational powerhouse that builds sustainable revenue through content experiences. Marketers […]

4 Value-Centric Companies Who Put Their Money Where Their Heart is


Buyers are in more control of the buying process today, than ever. They are more empowered, they are more inclined to do research before a purchase, they have more alternatives than they’ve ever had. Many businesses are beginning to lean towards a customer-centric approach, as opposed to a product-centric one. Some are even taking it […]