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Elements for an effective ABM Strategy

There are three types of ABM:

    1. One-to-one
    2. One-to-many
    3. One-to-few


The type of ABM you decide on will determine which elements you should include in your marketing programs.

In this video, Pam will walk us through the different types of ABM and what you need to ensure the success of each, including:

      • Personalized content
      • Aligning Marketing and Sales
      • Scalability of programs
      • Integrating Marketing Automation and CRM 
      • Win-back campaigns

Already have ABM programs in play? We’d love to hear about your experiences and results to date.

In next week’s video, Pam and I will discuss mistakes to avoid when building out your ABM.

Missed last week’s video? Watch it here.

Tracy Thayne

Vice President of Strategy

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