It’s time to re-evaluate the how and why of content

The transition to persona-based marketing is forcing many marketers to re-evaluate how and why they create content.

At the same time, the growing importance of lead nurturing is driving teams to put more of their content into play – often older content that’s outdated, off-brand, or just ineffective.

Such “stop-gap” moves may keep your programs running, but they won’t generate the results you’re looking for in the long run.

We can help.

With your demand generation strategy as our guide and your pipeline targets our goal, we’ll subject your content to a rigorous evaluation process that takes into account both qualitative and quantitative measures.

The result?

You’ll gain a better understanding of what you have and what you need, what’s good and what can be improved and, in all cases, how to get started on a path to better results.


Content Audit

A full qualitative and quantitative review of your content marketing assets that will identify gaps in your persona outreach and buying stage coverage.

Content Quality

Learn how to evaluate your content to achieve a consistent tone and increase reader retention.

Content Effectiveness Workshop

Learn how to evaluate and optimize your assets for conversion and pipeline progression.

Our approach

 Qualitative Assessment

Evaluates your content for:


An asset for every persona and program for every asset. Are you using the right assets in the right programs?


Every asset is a conversion opportunity you can’t afford to waste. Do your assets drive people further along in their journeys?


The shorter the sentence, the more people remember. The better the writing, the more favorable their impression. Does your audience remember what you’ve told them?

We’ll tell you where you’re doing well, where things can be improved, and what you can do right now to improve your results.

 Quantitative Assessment

Evaluates asset coverage by:


Typical B2B buyers use at least six channels to investigate a solution. Do you have the right asset mix to reach your buyers six times over?

Buying Stage

Buyers’ needs change the further along they go in their journeys. Do you have enough content to sustain their interest after that first touch?


Buyers want to see their own needs reflected in your own content. Do you have enough assets to speak to them in their own voice?

We’ll find the gaps, tell you how big they are, and show you the best ways to fill them. And we’ll put it all in writing.

 You need content assets that work as hard as you do.


Explore a selection of the assets we’ve created for our clients, from interactives to white papers, from videos to infographics, and everything in between.