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Time-saving Marketo email footer trick takes you back to future

What year is this? If you take a quick look at the footer of an email you’ve recently sent from Marketo, you might not know.

But before this post devolves into some sort of ill-conceived Back to the Future / Marketo mash-up, let’s be clear — small details like having the correct year in the footer of your email can make an impression on your audience.

Get it right, no one notices. Get it wrong and all of a sudden people think you’re not on top of things.

But don’t fret! Here’s the Marketo email footer trick that will help you avoid any time warp issues — with no flux capacitor required. Though that would be kinda cool.

Step One

In Marketing Activities, go to the parent folder you use to host your active marketing programs and create an email script token. For this example, we’ve created [{my.EMFooter}} token.

Email script token
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Step Two

Using velocity script, insert the year into your standard footer. For example: ©$date.get('yyyy') Demand Spring, 148 Lanigan Crescent Ottawa, ON, Canada K2S 1G9

Email script token
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Step Three

Copy the contents of the script token you’ve just created.

Step Four

In Design Studio, paste the Email footer token to your email templates.

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And you’re done! That’s one less thing for you to remember to update at the start of next year.

Unfortunately, this script doesn’t work for post dated cheques — if anyone out there still actually writes cheques. Aside from Doc Brown that is.

If you need any clarification or help to implement this feature in your nurture campaigns, please post a comment or question below, or email me directly!

Ryan Laushway

Marketing Technology Consultant

Ryan thrives in unfamiliar environments and consistently welcomes new projects and challenges alongside his other responsibilities.

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