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Santa’s Marketing Transformation | 2020 Edition

The world is built on traditions passed on from generation to generation. This time of year is especially rich with them — Grandma’s shortbread recipe, Uncle Jim getting a little fluthered on holiday punch, and of course jolly ole’ Saint Nick. Speaking of Saint Nick, there are some troubling signs coming from the North Pole. […]

Take our Revenue Marketing Maturity Assessment


No this isn’t some type of personality quiz. (Although according to a recent Facebook quiz, I am a raccoon and I am going to live to be 88 years old.) Based on our deep client-side and consulting experience, Demand Spring has developed the Revenue Marketing Maturity Assessment to help you understand the key practices and […]

From Ancient Rome, a powerful story of transformation

SPQR - A History of Ancient Rome|

Demand Springers love stories of transformation. They’re kind of what we’re all about, regardless of where or when we encounter them. Over the holidays and over many long sips on some Woodford Reserve Bourbon, I happily transformed myself back into a reader of long-form content. Really long-form. Specifically, SPQR, Mary Beard’s 600-plus-page, best-selling history of […]