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Lead Nurturing: Are you Following the 3 x 3 x 3 Rule?

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As we first wrote in this space several years ago, we are seeing a lot of our clients getting more sophisticated with lead nurturing. Most of our clients have shifted away from a primary focus on batch and blast outbound emails and have started filling the top of the funnel through inbound engagement and driving […]

The Deliverability Dig: Using Archeological Methods to Analyze Email Data


Email marketing continues to be one of the most used B2B lead nurturing channels. However, email is only effective in building brand awareness and driving conversion if your email makes it to the recipient’s inbox. If you’re experiencing deliverability issues across your email campaigns or are considering transitioning to a dedicated IP, it’s time for […]

How do you use Customer Stories?


How do you use customer stories? Do you follow a template? Do you used mixed media (words, video, pictures)? Do you stick to customers-only? What types of stories are you using at each stage of the funnel? 60% of B2B buyers search for peer reviews and testimonials.– Google/Compete The power of word of mouth and […]

Subscription Footer Copy Best Practices


We’re often asked to provide guidance on the language and links in email footers to ensure compliance with privacy laws, as well show best practice examples of various email footers in use. We recommend a combination of: A sentence that explains: “Why did I get this?” An offer to manage subscription preferences by content or […]