COVID-19 isn’t slowing video production. Here’s what you need to know.

In fact, according to our partners Lee and Pat at Newleaf Productions, video is quite an adaptable medium. And it’s a good thing too. Studies show 80% of consumers have consumed more content since the coronavirus outbreak than they did before. What’s more, video is the type of content they want. It’s estimated that by 2022, 82% of all […]

Give Your Campaigns More Reach and Oomph With This Tweak


The role of content within organizations can be…fuzzy. But taking the time to think your way through the fog and create a content strategy is incredibly beneficial for your organization. Here’s why: 1. Content creates alignment within your organization When you clarify and document your content strategy, you create an opportunity for every department to […]

Build Binge-Worthy Content With These Four Principles

binge-worthy content

According to the AMA, over the past 5 years, marketers increased their content publishing by 800%, only to see engagement decline by 89%. As marketers, we are striving to produce content quickly, without really understanding the impact of what we’re saying and how it will be received by our audience. Keeping your audience engaged and […]