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Marketo Tip: Keeping Operational Campaigns Active

In case you aren’t aware, every quarter Marketo automatically deactivates all of your triggered campaigns that have had no activity in the last 6 months.

Marketo does this to keep your instance performing at a high level, because the more triggered programs that are active in your instance, the slower your instance will be. This is why we recommend running daily batch campaigns instead of triggered campaigns for programs that are not time-sensitive. i.e. Lead deduplication programs to run every morning at 3 am or data governance programs that run weekly.

Marketo won’t turn these programs off without notice, but keep in mind it’s not a long runway before they are turned off. Here is what the notification looks like:

**Only Admins will get this notification.**


If you have a list of programs that you believe might not have had any activity in the last 6 months, but don’t want them to be deactivated, you can add trigger Campaign is Requested to the smart campaigns in the smart list section.

Here is an example campaign to mark unsubscribe reason and date.

We will now add the trigger Campaign is Requested:

You can now create a smart campaign to run a test lead through all of these smart campaigns on a 3-month basis.

We will need to create a recurring campaign to trigger these campaigns, in case there was no other activity.

It is important to make sure the test lead exists in the database and that the lead can run through the program every time, not just once.

Now your operational campaigns with low activity will remain active quarter after quarter. You can also add multiple Request Campaigns flow steps in one smart campaign so you can use this campaign to keep many campaigns active.

Ryan Laushway

Marketing Technology Consultant

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