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Living, laughing, and letting go leads to creativity in marketing

Oh, you are in for a treat! The latest episode of Marketing Unplugged is truly a unique one!

We all know that this has been an unusual year, to say the least. So speaking with a couple of professional comedians on a marketing podcast almost seems…normal.

In the latest installment of Marketing Unplugged, hosts Karen Morad and Mark Emond decided they wanted to mix things up a little…do things a little differently. So they brought in award-winning improv actors Ashley Botting and James Gangl. Yup, you heard that right – improv actors on a marketing podcast!

So, what do these two have to do with marketing? Well, role playing, stepping out of your comfort zone, finding creativity, and the art of taking risks are all essential qualities every great marketer should have. And as professional actors, improvists, writers, and comedians, Ashley and James have some amazing insights into how to develop these important ‘marketing’ skills.

So settle in and have a listen…this is not your typical marketing podcast!

Nicole Baker

Nicole is a public relations professional and self-proclaimed news junkie based in Ottawa, Canada. She works with Demand Spring on various public awareness activities and initiatives.

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