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Content You Shouldn’t Miss: 4 Articles You Shouldn’t Miss from the Demand Spring Team

The Demand Spring team is always learning, reading, consuming. This month’s round-up includes new LinkedIn features, the effects of the pandemic on business, ecosystem restoration and why chat isn’t good for work. There’s been a few killer articles the team has shared internally that you might find some value from as well. 

The New LinkedIn Storytelling Feature You Should Know About

LinkedIn has added new ‘social-media-like’ features recently, the newsletters and live videos, but this latest addition is one you should be aware of— posting content from your company, not just your personal profile. Joe Lazauskas, Head of Marketing at Contently, gives us the skinny on this new feature.

The Calm Before The Storm: How The Pandemic Recovery Will Change Business

This article and audio/podcast discusses the changes we’ll see in business after the past year. Covering categories such as the economy, the markets, and how these will impact Human Resources priorities, including wage inflation, HR tech, and AI to name a few.

Reconciliation IS Ecosystem Restoration

It is a great reminder that our social and natural ecosystems are connected. The climate crisis will never end unless we resolve and repair our relationships with indigenous groups who have protected and stewarded the land for years.

Make ‘Work in Threads, Play in Chat’ Your Mantra

Chat vs Threads: it is a common debate in companies as we continue to explore WFH vs Office vs Hybrid. It’s also a reflection of how we live. This article explores why “chat” is convenient, but why it’s not safe for work. It also includes data to prove it.

Jessie Coan

Director of Content Strategy

Over the past 20 years, Jessie has had the privilege of supporting B2B organizations by building brands, developing innovative marketing strategies, and developing fully integrated marketing teams.

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