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Being Behind in your Social Strategy is so Last Year!

Picturing a future without social media is like imagining Generation Z having a face-to-face discussion. It isn’t possible. Why? Because social media is now at the heart of connecting and assisting businesses to grow in order to reach their target audience. It’s no longer sufficient to rely on word-of-mouth, or to place an advertisement in your local newspaper. If you’re not up to speed on the latest trends, or lack an internet presence, you’re opening yourself up to being scrutinized.

According to Search Engine Watch, 71% of customers base their buying decisions on what they see on social media. (It’s almost as though an episode of Black Mirror is turning into reality! ) We’re becoming more influenced by what we see on social media, and it’s  no longer enough to simply have a profile, post, and hashtag, you must engage with your audience. Essentially, it’s time to shine as a social strategic superstar! You need to determine what your consumers want and deliver it to them.

If you want to avoid being labelled as “so last year” in this era of social media, here are some ideas to add to your social media strategy in 2022!

This week we’ll discuss the following two trends: 

TREND 1 “Let the social commerce”
Learn everything there is to know about social commerce and why customers prefer it to traditional media.

Video indeed did kill the radio star. Traditional media, such as television and radio, were once the most effective marketing tools. While they are still important for mass communication, consumers prefer to have their experiences in places where they already spend time, social media. Users can now buy and sell things, or services directly on social media, which is referred to as “Social Commerce.” As a result of the pandemic, consumers are more likely to make online purchases using new features like Instagram’s shoppable feeds, one of the top social media trends in 2022. It’s safe to say that social media is no longer a place just to socialize. The Harris Poll mentions that 73% of businesses are already involved in social commerce, with 79% wanting to do so over the next three years. More brands will experiment with shoppable features on all platforms. From shop buttons, to livestreams, to ads, to influencers, the social sale will be at the centre of smart social strategies.

According to Google, incorporating new social channels into your marketing mix can increase your return on investment (ROI) by a staggering 35%. As a result, it’s critical to develop a long-term social media strategy. You can boost consumer loyalty by generating content that evokes a sense of connection and discovery. Furthermore, incorporating social media into your online sales efforts may result in a large boost in revenue. 

Social commerce has emerged as a significant source of revenue, and it’s here to stay.

TREND 2 “All my followers love my friend called authenticity”
How to change your consumer messaging to increase revenue.

Something most of us can relate to is interacting with a chat bot, but wishing to speak with a real person. Right? Put that in the context of your customers; they want your brand to appear human on social media. Marketers should use social media to highlight their brand’s personality and perspective. People are becoming more wary of messages, and “false news” on social media. It’s time for individuals and organizations to be genuine, authentic, human, and compassionate online. As a marketer, use social media to provide insight into industry difficulties, to be empathetic to customers, and to humanize your brand.

Next time, I will walk you through two more trends where we learn how to increase engagement with your content, and why LinkedIn is more crucial than ever before for B2B.

See you then!

Taran Brach

Taran Brach

Taran Brach has an extensive knowledge of Digital Marketing, having successfully pioneered the growth of social media accounts on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube from the ground up.

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