Chief Revenue Officer

Carlos Hidalgo

BA Organizational Communications – Cedarville University

Carlos Hidalgo is the Chief Revenue Officer at Demand Spring, a Life Design Coach, a two-time author, TEDx and international keynote speaker.

Carlos is the author of two books Driving Demand (2015) and The UnAmerican Dream  (2019).

Over the span of the last 25 years, Carlos has held corporate roles, started his own entrepreneurial ventures, led his company to multiple Inc 5000 awards and served in non-profits.

You can follow Carlos on Twitter @cahidalgo

Light bulb moment:

Walt Whitman was right when he said to be curious rather than judgemental. I believe in asking questions, exploration and in so doing finding the best solutions.

Not sure I should share this, but…:

I grew up around horses and riding. I feel as comfortable on the back of a horse as I do on my own two feet.

Best. Client. Quote. Ever.:

“I know you will pick up the phone when I call and I also get a bonus because you sometimes fill the role of a therapist”

Job title I wish I had:

Center Fielder – New York Yankees or Lead Singer for U2.

If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life:


Best place I’ve ever been:

New Zealand – great food, great people and absolutely jaw dropping beauty.

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