Vice President and Chief Analyst

Allison Snow

Allison Snow is the Vice President of Strategy and Chief Analyst at Demand Spring. She’s held VP-level positions in Demand Generation, Customer Marketing, and Product Marketing at firms of various sizes, from a billion-dollar global IT consultancy to private-equity backed software companies. She also spent four years as a Forrester analyst, advising C-level B2B revenue executives develop and bolster commercial growth strategies and revenue engines that scale.

Analytical and curious, Allison thrives helping revenue leaders make better decisions with data-driven strategies. At Demand Spring, Allison applies her 20+ years of experience to help our clients drive market awareness, build high-performance teams, construct urgent messaging and positioning that differentiate brands in their markets, drive net new pipeline, and expand existing customer bases.

Allison has a Bachelor of Arts from Boston University and an MBA from Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts. She is an advisory Board member at The Growth Ops Community, the leading professional association dedicated to operational excellence in marketing, and an Advisor to the Women in Leadership Executive Education program at the University of Vermont Grossman School of Business.

Light Bulb Moment:

Don't be afraid to state the obvious. People can't read your mind.

Job title I wish I had:


Best Place I've ever Been:

Fenway Park. I have great memories of working there through college and even in my early career. I love watching baseball - whether it's neighborhood Little League or professional level. But Fenway Park on a spring night has my favorite sounds, sights, and foods. : ) There's nothing more amazing than watching a child see that magical field for the first time.

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