Account Executive

Lissa Lawrence

BSc, Saint Mary's University

Lissa thrives when connecting people and ideas, collaboratively moving processes and projects forward, and creating space for growth and innovation while achieving high-quality results.

Lissa is an ICF-accredited professional coach, which shows up in her project management style – she’s passionate about communication, empowerment, and bringing forth the best in people, processes and projects.

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Light bulb moment:
The story of the Vasa Swedish warship (a cautionary tale for managers if there ever was one) gave me a greater appreciation of what it takes to make a project succeed: the right team, excellent communication, decision-making with imperfect information, and a clear definition of done with change controls in place. Without these, consider your project ‘sunk’ (literally, in the case of the Vasa).
If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life:
Chocolate Croissants from Two If By Sea Cafe in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.
Job title I wish I had:
Chief Happiness Officer and Part-Time Cat Whisperer.

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Account Executive

Lissa Lawrence

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