Director of Client Services and Operations

Andrea Drown

Over 25 years of experience in marketing, mainly on the agency side.

Andrea is a leader with excellent communication, organizational, and project management skills. With over 20 years of agency side experience (McDougall, Arnold, Boathouse and expansive client experience with Celebrity Cruise Lines, Good Year Tire, Nuance Communications, Progress Software, Parametric Technology Corporation, CSC, Schneider Electric and Waters Corporation) she brings expansive knowledge of all industries to the table. She’s a numbers girl at heart, but loves the day-to-day interaction with her clients.

When she is not working, Andrea is running around with her two girls or taking her mat to the closest yoga studio for some Zen time.

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Light bulb moment:
If you can’t control the situation (very difficult for me to let go), control the way you react. It has taught me to take a step back, look at the bigger picture from all points of view involved and have empathy. Still working on that control thing…..
Best. Client. Quote. Ever.:
“You’re my favorite account manager. Would you like to stay at my cottage on The Cape?”
If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life :
Avocado. You’re welcome, Mark.
Best place I’ve ever been:
Italy! Went solo at 25 on a walking tour of Tuscany with a group of 60+ year-olds. I met some great friends, witnessed the beauty of the region, and conquered a fear of travelling alone.

Unique personalities, similar talents

Resource Manager

Ryan Golfetto

Ryan brings a depth of experience managing projects, interfacing with clients, and utilizing industry best practices to ensure all projects are widely successful.

Account Executive

Lissa Lawrence

With more than 10 years’ experience across multiple industries, Lissa brings a variety of skills and perspectives to her role as Account Executive with Demand Spring.

Associate Client Catalyst

Cristina Sa

Cristina is a graduate of George Brown College with a diploma in Business Marketing. Falling into sales become the catalyst that ignited her passion for marketing. With 8 years of combined experience, Cristina understands that managing expectations and thoughtful project management is the key to building exceptional client relationships.

Director of Client Services and Operations

Andrea Drown

Andrea is a leader with excellent communication, organizational, and project management skills.

Client Catalyst

Melissa Beresford

With more than 15 years of technology, industry, and partner marketing experience with IBM, Cognos and Televitesse, Melissa brings exceptional project management and client management skills to every project.

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