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CEO, Founder and Executive Chair

Mark Emond

B.Com., Sports Administration, Laurentian University

As Demand Spring’s founder, Mark has a tremendous passion for helping marketing leaders transform their Revenue Marketing practices, enabling them to be strategic leaders in their organization.

Mark loves to advise and teach clients how to develop advanced, yet pragmatic, Revenue Marketing strategies and enable them with integrated marketing technology platforms to deliver personalized, multi-channel engagement at scale.

Prior to founding Demand Spring, spent 15 years in marketing leadership roles at IBM, Cognos, Watchfire, and Corel.

Mark happily resides in Ottawa, the coldest capital city in the world, with his wife and teenage daughter. Mark’s a basketball coach, an aging hockey goalie and an avid golfer.

Light bulb moment

Your work should enrich your life, not diminish it. One of my founding principles when starting Demand Spring was to create a great place to work. We fundamentally lead the company with this concept front and center. We put employee well-being above every other thing we do here and believe that in doing so it creates an organization that drives tremendous value for our clients and our communities.

Not sure I should share this, but…

I think of myself as a teacher above anything else. With our Demand Spring team, our clients, at home with my daughter, and on the court with my Under 12 Girls competitive basketball team.

Best. Client. Quote. Ever.

“You don’t feel like a vendor or even a partner to us. Your team members just feel like an extension of our team.”

Job title I wish I had

Head Coach, Toronto Raptors basketball club

If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life

Pad Thai or chocolate

Best place I’ve ever been

I have travelled around the world, but the easy answer is Augusta National Golf Club to watch the final three rounds of the Masters in 2005. Amazing!

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