Marketo for Marketing Executives

In today’s buyer-centric universe, marketing strategy and marketing technology are inseparable.

Great strategies are built on the solid mix of inbound and outbound tactics, content, and personalized communications aligned to buying cycle stages. Marketing automation is the foundation that ties these elements together and helps you successfully execute your strategy.

As a marketing executive, you don’t need the hands-on experience of building inbound and outbound campaigns, but you must understand the powerful capabilities of marketing automation and how it can help you drive pipeline and revenue.

That’s what you’ll gain in this one-day workshop.

You will walk away with the confidence to engage with your marketing automation team in a manner that gets the most out of your Marketo technology investment.

Topics covered include:

  1. Marketing and Sales alignment – how Marketo and your CRM system work together to enable alignment
  2. Lead scoring – what you can measure and how it will help you prioritize sales leads
  3. Lead nurturing – how Marketo will enable you to nurture prospects throughout their buyer journey
  4. Analytics – a tour of the analytics Marketo provides to help manage your business
  5. Personalization – how you can drive hyper-targeted engagement through paid and owned digital channels
  6. Integrated applications – an introduction to third-party applications that will help you fill funnel gaps
  7. Questions to ask your marketing automation team – unsure if you are getting full value? This topic will help you ask the right questions

This workshop is ideal for:

  • Marketing executives
  • Product marketing managers
  • Industry marketing managers
  • Segment marketing managers
  • Marketing program managers
  • Digital marketing managers
  • Content marketing managers
  • Marketing communication managers

Scope and Deliverables

The Marketo for Marketing Executives Workshop includes the following components:

  • Live instruction from one of our senior revenue marketing strategists
  • Actionable templates that will enable your organization to get the most out of Marketo
  • Presentation slides and notes to share within your organization