5 Characteristics of World Class Customer Marketing Programs

World-class customer marketing programs go beyond buzzwords; they’re powerful tools for transforming your business. They influence product adoption, nurture loyalty, and create advocates. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the five traits that make these programs exceptional, revealing the methods they use to succeed in the ever-changing world of customer satisfaction and engagement.   […]

8 Pragmatic Recommendations for Your AI Enablement Agenda

A pragmatic AI Enablement agenda is going to keep you focused on leveraging AI for your most important B2B marketing goals. Follow these 8 recommendations to apply AI-enabled technology to the pursuit of your revenue marketing initiatives and ensure you stay strategy forward. 1. Stay the course. Innovation in AI, most visibly in generative AI, […]

Stay Strategy Forward With AI Enablement

Hear me out for a moment here – because I’m sharing a perspective that’s not going to be immediately intuitive – the net-new generative AI capabilities that burst onto the scene every day are reminiscent of the early days of marketing automation. You’re doubtful there’s a connection; I don’t blame you. Was marketing automation the […]

Bridging the gap between sales and marketing

“Focus is everything to a marketing organization today. For a productive marketing team, focus on what’s important.” “Your brand truly needs to be authentic, and you need to live it every day.” “Marketing doesn’t end with creating net new profit. There really is a lot that marketing can do to support sales activity from what’s […]