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The Importance and Impact of CMOs Who Are Active on Social Media

Even in a B2B business, people buy from people. Authenticity is more important than ever before and people are seeking to understand not just what they spend their money on, but who they spend it with. The humanness of an organization is paramount in decision making for buyers.

On social media, personal content is more trusted–every time–even if that person works for an organization. Content that comes from a person creates a sense of relatability, and ultimately, builds a relationship. (So long as it’s a two way conversation! Anyone who just pushes out content relentlessly and doesn’t take a moment to add their own insight, or respond to comments and messages, will be looked over pretty quickly.)

Now, you might ask, why does it have to be the CMO? Great question.

Social media is marketing. The CMOs are the leader in marketing; the champion for the marketing department. Therefore, they should carry the messages and their sharing will likely carry the most weight. (Aside from the CEO perhaps, who should also get on board with this!) Furthermore, if CMOs get active on social media, it helps them encourage the rest of the their team (and the entire organization) to get active on social media as well. Imagine the impact if you had the entirety of your business sharing your marketing content with personalized, compelling copy in their own voice, attracting eyeball, interest and conversations within their own social networks! Take a look.

Let’s say the CMO has 1,000 connections on LinkedIn. (If you don’t, get out there and start connecting. It’s not hard, it only takes five minutes a day. Five minutes you can, and should find.) Here’s why.

Let’s say the CMO also has 500 followers on Twitter. (If you need to grow these followers, turn to paid ads.)

So, every time that CMO shares to each platform, he or she is potentially reaching 1,500 people.

Now, what if we assumed everyone else in the organization had the same sized networks? That’s 1, 500 more eyes per employee.

If your team is made of of 100 people, and they all share, that’s a potential reach of 150,000 people. Without spending a dime. (Other than, yes, the time it takes to share a quick post. But with the help of an agency and/or an employee advocacy tool, this can be easy!)

Social media marketing can be incredibly effective, but one of the best tools we have in our back pockets is our team. Engage them in the process. Make social media part of the culture. And that starts at the top, with the CMO. And just five minutes a day.

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Tessa Marr

CEO of Marr Media

Tessa’s the CEO of Marr Media, social media marketing agency that works with B2B and B2C brands to build custom social strategies and fully outsourced social media management. Being laser-focused in the world of social media, she is always up to date on the latest trends, networks and strategies that work.

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