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Stop living in the dark. Track these 5 analytic metrics today.


You know you NEED to track your Google Analytics, but you keep giving yourself reasons why you can’t… not enough time, too intimidating, waiting until your team hires an analytics guru, what’s the point? Sound like your internal conversations? Unfortunately, Marketo might not be the only software giving you headaches, so here are five bite-sized […]

Maintain Your Relationships by Spurring Buyer Intent


Just because someone fills out a form, that doesn’t mean they intend to buy from you. There’s a big difference between someone who is showing buying behavior versus someone who is just kicking the tires.  Marketing automation makes it possible to track and even score these interactions for the prospects in your database, and a […]

5 Tips on How to Leverage Personas in Your B2B Organization

Operationalizing Personas

Conducting and analyzing your buyer persona research is only half the battle. We see organizations struggle to put their personas into practice again and again. We don’t want that to happen to you. Here are five persona best practice tips you should be following to ensure your hard work (and marketing dollars) aren’t under-utilized.   […]

Bingeing 101: Feeding Your Buyers the Right Content at the Right Time


First, a word on bingeing. Many people associate bingeing as the way viewers stream video services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, and YouTube to watch multiple pieces of episodic content in a single sitting. But the truth is, bingeing behavior isn’t limited to streaming entertainment. The vast majority of B2B buyers—93%—want bundled, bingeable content, according […]

Move over storytelling. It’s all about story building.

|||||Shannon Ross

When you take the time to build your story, everything that follows is more powerful, more persuasive, more memorable, and more compelling.   Let’s shift our thinking as marketers.  Let’s stop thinking about ourselves as a service organization and start thinking about ourselves as an organizational powerhouse that builds sustainable revenue through content experiences. Marketers […]

Getting the Most From Your Buyer’s Journey Research

Buyer Journey Roadmap|Buyer Journey

Most marketers understand the value of buyer journey analysis. In-depth conversations with our customers can help us understand the makeup of buying teams, the ways in which they educate themselves on new solutions, and the triggers that help them convert from prospect to customer. This knowledge, in turn, helps us develop better marketing strategies and […]