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Stop living in the dark. Track these 5 analytic metrics today.

You know you NEED to track your Google Analytics, but you keep giving yourself reasons why you can’t… not enough time, too intimidating, waiting until your team hires an analytics guru, what’s the point? Sound like your internal conversations?

Unfortunately, Marketo might not be the only software giving you headaches, so here are five bite-sized analytics insights we practice and recommend to help your team win the never ending analytics battle.

1. Traffic Sources:

Question:  “Amongst blog posts, SEO, social media, paid search, how do we know which marketing efforts are worthwhile investments? Our gut only takes us so far…”

Insight: Acquisition reports in Google Analytics are a great resource to inform your Marketing Team on what top sources are driving traffic to your website. Whether it’s organic search, direct, referral, or social, you can use these insights to reflect and make future decisions.

2. Demographics:

Question:Buyer persona research is imperative to understanding  our primary market. How can we market to individuals if  we don’t know how they search for information, their preferred information sources, their interests, etc?”

Insight: Utilize Google Analytics to see your basic user demographics including, but not limited to, age, gender, and interests. This is your first step to building an effective marketing strategy.

3. Bounce Rate, Average Session Duration & Pages Per Session

Question: “How do we know if we’re putting the right content in front of the right people? Is our content relevant and engaging?”

Insight: Use the Bounce Rate metric to learn how your landing pages are performing and use the Average Session Duration & Pages Per Session to understand what users are doing on your website. This valuable information could shape your organization’s web presence.

4. Users

Question:  “Should we be keeping track of new vs returning users on our website?”

Insight:  At tradeshows do you keep track of booth visitors to forecast how much free swag to bring? On social media do you keep an eye on the influx or decline of your followers to measure your performance? At your dinner party last week did you ask for RSVPs to determine the size of your grocery list? We’re constantly using audience size as a means to inform future decisions. SO analyzing the number of users (new vs. returning) on your site should be just as important as buying enough dessert to feed your whole dinner party.

5. Conversion Rate

Question:  “Can we put a number on the ROI of  our marketing efforts to show our team?”

Insight: The ultimate way to measure your marketing and sales efforts is through the Conversion Rate. Blog subscriptions, ebook / whitepaper downloads, purchasing a product, signing up for a demo… once you’ve decided what your goals are, using this tool will save you tons of time and quantify your efforts!

For more insights on better data collection practices, click here to read our post “Data-Drive Decision Making: Measure What Matters.”

If you need assistance with collecting analytic data and other important information, we can help! As an integrated Revenue Marketing Consultancy, we take a holistic approach, providing innovative strategy advisory to drive pipeline and revenue results fast. If you have any questions about your measurement strategy, or if you just want to chat marketing automation, reach out to me and I would be happy to help!

Alexandra Capello

Lex bends over backward (literally) to make sure the needs of clients’ are met. Her flexibility, positive energy, and marketing expertise make her an invaluable member to any effort she takes head-on, including teaching the Demand Spring weekly Yoga session.

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