Are You Aligned?

Demand Spring has driven marketing and sales alignment success for
organizations ranging from mid-sized firms to Fortune 500 organizations.

Our Process


How aligned is your marketing organization with your sales colleagues?
Are you measured on the same objectives?

Do you speak the same language?
What’s a lead?
What’s a qualified lead?

Are you aligned on the target audiences, buyer personas, and resource allocation directed to each?

Do you agree on the roles and deliverables of each team in each stage of the buying cycle?

Advisory & Facilitation

Align lead stages & taxonomy across the demand waterfall.
Create SLAs to govern contributions from each organization.

Identify the role each team plays in every stage of the buying cycle.

Define customer buying cycle stages, map content & offers to these stages, & analyze where deals stall & why.


Shared objectives including pipeline coverage & the percent of sales accepted leads marketing contributes to.

Demand Spring’s market view planning process to drive go-to-market alignment within regional selling units.

Misalignment is like a sports team whose players haven’t bought in on the game plan.

The outcome?
Sub-optimal performance. Disappointing results. And lower budgets for you.

Sales & Marketing Alignment Consultation

It’s easy for sales and marketing to get out of alignment given the pace of growth in many organizations.

At Demand Spring, we can help open up the lines of communication.

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