Do you know the road your buyer travels?

Buyer Journey BlueprintYou know your primary target, the CIO, is driving.

You also know 63 percent of all CIOs are male, and average 49.5 years of age.

And you know that the CIO relies on peer references and recommendations from staff members he trusts, and the best way for you to reach him is through C-level conferences and executive roundtables.

But do you know the four other personas – those with business and technical roles – are also along for the ride?

With a Buyer Journey Analysis from Demand Spring, you would.

The three in the backseat are responsible for buying and have been along for the ride since from the start. The CIO picked up the rider who sits in the passenger seat half way through the trip, and that person is the one who decides on their final destination.

Early on they planned their route using input from peers, followed by searching on the Google to discover vendor website locations.

With the trip into its middle and later stages, navigational adjustments were made using analyst research.

And do you know what they’re feeling along the way?

How do your personas react when faced with operational or industry-induced traffic jams?

When you do, you will understand:

  • The messages are most relevant to their geography (stage) to guide them to the destination you desire — purchase.
  • The digital and physical touchpoints of every persona that’s along for the ride, helping you plan a coordinated go-to-market strategy.
  • Their content preferences, allowing you to map and gap content to determine where new assets are needed, creating the bridges personas need to successfully traverse from their start to your finish.
  • Where they get their information, making it easy to map and plan media, social, and events directly to the sources they trust.
  • What makes them decide when it’s time to progress from one stage to the next, we can put the right tactics in place to accelerate through to conversion.

We can help you know the road your buyers are on.

Our Research Methods

We’ll work with you to create a research plan that fits your needs and your budget.

Our buyer journey blueprint research typically includes a mix of focus groups, one-on-one face-to-face interviews, telephone calls, and online surveys with your customers and your competitors’ customers.

This mix of methodologies delivers the detailed insights you need and a statistically relevant base of data.

Our Results

Our client-side heritage shines through in our Buyer Journey Blueprint service.

We craft our analysis and recommendations with pragmatic execution in mind.

Not only do we document what we heard from your buyer personas, but we also create tangible recommendations for messaging, content, communication channels, lead nurturing, and marketing and sales alignment.

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