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Revenue Marketing System Audit

Your Revenue Marketing system is the ecosystem of interdependent goals, processes, collaboration and metrics that helps your company grow.

The components of this system must continually evolve to meet today’s needs—and tomorrow’s. An annual audit ensures that you’re set up to meet your goals in the year ahead. As your Revenue Marketing partner, we audit your revenue marketing system across five key areas:

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1. Customer Lifecycle

Understand and operationalize the customer lifecycle by ensuring you have a clearly defined ICP, comprehensive persona information, and an up-to-date understanding of the buyer journey.

2. Alignment

Align strategy and execution to build stronger lead-to-revenue processes by reviewing your demand gen strategy, realigning marketing and sales processes, optimizing metrics, and taking another look at your targeting process.

  • Strategy
  • Marketing and Sales Processes
  • Metrics
  • Targeting

3. Talent

Map a path to great talent by identifying skills gaps and competencies, revisiting your marketing people strategy, and re-evaluating campaign process efficiencies.

  • Organizational Design
  • Operating Model
  • Skills Development

4. Engagement

Better engage your audience with strategies and assets that drive education and conversion by rebalancing your asset mix to meet acquisition goals, evaluating your paid and earned media strategy, taking another look at your nurture programs and gating strategies, and optimizing your website to drive demand.

  • Channel Mix
  • Paid and Earned Media
  • Nurture
  • Gating
  • Website(s)

5. Martech Optimization and Automation

Apply martech best practices to ensure your technology stack is aligned with your marketing strategy, identifying gaps and drop-off points in your funnel, and defining the most effective ways to address them.

  • Martech Stack
  • Analysis and Optimization
  • Identify Gaps and Trends

Whether you need an across-the-board assessment or a more surgical approach, Demand Spring can design an audit that drives immediate impact for your organization.

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