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Buyer Journey Blueprint

Successful Revenue Marketing means going beyond demographics and firmographics to understand what buyers are THINKING, FEELING, and DOING at each stage of their journey.

After developing hundreds of buyer journey blueprints for some of the world’s top B2B brands over the last decade, we’ve tapped into some valuable insights.

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Buyer journey blueprints deliver a host of benefits:

  • Better connect rationally and emotionally with your primary buyers by understanding what they care about, what their personality is like, and how they think.
  • Better target your messaging by understanding your buyers’ job responsibilities, challenges, motivators, and pain points.
  • Understand which content and channels buyers prefer at each stage of the journey.
  • Uncover your buyers’ unmet needs to craft messaging that speaks to points of desire.
  • Pinpoint buying characteristics like team qualities, key buying criteria, length of buying cycle, vendor awareness, use cases, and triggers to move to the next stage.

We don’t just deliver theoretical research. We deliver a practical set of strategic and tactical recommendations for each persona in each stage of the buyer journey.

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