Data Governance and Management

Sometimes marketers let their database hygiene fall by the wayside. We’ve got programs to get out the door and a laundry list of other urgent to-dos. But dirty data costs you.

On average, organizations spend $100 per record annually on maintaining and marketing in both the MAP and CRM. The duplicate and stale records in your database are costing you valuable marketing dollars. In fact, an organization can generate up to 70% more revenue based solely on the quality of its data.

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The topic of database management puts some people to sleep. We are not those people. We love helping our clients save on costs by uncovering the gold stashed away in their database.

How? Our 3-step solution:

1. Audit
We thoroughly audit your database to assess any gaps, inconsistencies, risks, duplications or unnecessary records and deliver a pragmatic roadmap to success with data governance. We take a holistic approach and deliver actionable insights on problem areas for short and long term data quality.

We deliver the full audit in three weeks, with the goals of:

  • Better deliverability to boost your inbox reach by identifying and blocking bounces
  • Reduced database size saving you money from subscription limit overages
  • Enhanced personalization through enriched and updated data
  • Improved reporting and analytics: cleaning and maintaining your data is the foundation for accurate reporting

2. Optimize
After getting to know your data, our team of Marketo Certified Experts and Solutions Architects swoops in to optimize with de-duping, data cleansing, and data enrichment. We also develop a data dictionary to help you understand the importance and use of each field, how it syncs with other systems and the system of record that governs the data within each field.

3. Implement
We recommend and implement tools such as RingLead and DiscoverOrg to cleanse, maintain and enrich your data.

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