Marketo Optimization

Feel like your Marketo platform is only working part-time?

You are most likely right. Time and again, our clients struggle with getting the most out of their Marketo investment. Some of the more popular challenges are:

  1. Lead Scoring or a lifecycle program that no longer fits your business model.
  2. Data governance issues that cause frustration, inefficiency when it comes to
    reporting and lost dollars for your operations team.
  3. Compliance requirements from your privacy or legal team that you need to unpack,
    understand and implement right now.
  4. A preference center or unsubscribe page that leaves your audience with the feeling
    they should get to know someone who understands them better.

Our Marketo optimization services target these challenges, and so much more, through our
strategic process. It starts with aligning on the problem, defining the process, and ends
with building the roadmap to the best solution.

Consider the following starting points for your Marketo optimization:

  • Funnel Management
    Understand where your leads are in the funnel, the pace of moving from one stage to the next, and where you should invest in optimizing the lead process in order to have the most impact on revenue and your business.
  • Lead Scoring
    Study the digital behavior that tells you a prospect is ready to buy and then build the lead scoring model that identify the right buyers at the right time–whether the goal is further nurturing or sending alerts to your sales team.
  • Data Management
    Discover what’s causing the holes in your data. Then build the process to sustain better data hygiene that will impact downstream reporting and overall operations.
  • Compliance
    Operationalize a compliance center that helps you sleep better at night.
  • Preference Center
    Build a best-in-class, audience-obsessed preference center to show how much you value those who choose to spend their time with you.

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