Video can be the most effective aspect
of your content marketing program.

No other content format offers the same combination of immediacy,
story, and, when done properly, sheer informational value.

Video is also the preferred content format for B2B buyers,
so much so that it’s replacing many of the key marketing and pre-sales activities
typically done by actual humans.

Consider these numbers…

0 %
of B2B buyers watch videos throughout their purchase journey
0 %
of B2B buyers watch 30 minutes or more in their research stage
0 %
of the purchase decision now happens online

Marketers, too, are excited about video’s potential to fill their funnels.

0 %
say it's becoming more important to their demand generation programs

But there’s a catch.

0 %
of marketers are actually using video to generate new leads, qualify prospects, or close more deals.

What’s wrong with this picture?


Until now, it’s been difficult to correlate video views with pipeline activity.
Video viewers rarely convert into prospects.

Until now.

Our partnership with Vidyard, the leading video marketing platform,
lets you convert your video content into lead generation assets.

Our Vidyard Quick Start Services provide prescriptive marketing strategies,
best practice guidance, and professional video creation to help you optimize your video assets.

And by integrating your video assets into Marketo and Salesforce,
we close the gap between video viewers and qualified prospects.

Your videos are already capturing their attention.

Wouldn’t it be better if they were also capturing their names?

Vidyard Services

Turn your videos into lead generating assets via Vidyard, the world’s leading video marketing platform.

Video Marketing Audit

Our video marketing audit uses modern techniques to review your assets from every angle to make you’re getting the most from video.

Branded Documentary

Long-form video gives your audience a chance to understand who you are and why you do what you do.

 You need video assets that work as hard as you do.


Explore a selection of the assets we’ve created for our clients, from interactives to white papers, from videos to infographics, and everything in between.


The 4 Stages of Video Marketing Maturity

Align Your Video Strategy to the Buyer Journey

Got Video? Get Leads.