From advocate and email marketing to lead nurturing and analytics, Springboards provide insight into industry best practices.

State of MarTech During a Pandemic

Our latest report analyzes how the pandemic has affected the marketing technology industry. Find out how MarTech budgets have been impacted and insights from our experts to help you navigate your current reality.


Working from Home During a Pandemic

COVID-19 forced Marketers to transition from working in the office to working from home. Based on data from over 100 Marketers, our report takes an in-depth look on how working from home has impacted Marketers’ productivity, engagement, how they collaborate as a team, and more.


Demand Spring’s Marketing Predictions for 2020

Going from point A to B is seldom a straight line. The best learning happens off the beaten path anyway. To that end, we present our top ten marketing predictions to help you navigate the year ahead. May we all enjoy the ride.


Revenue Marketing Benchmark Report 2020

Insights on Revenue Marketing in B2B Organizations: Benchmark Report 2020

Discover Revenue Marketing metrics, practices, processes, barriers, and priorities for 2020.

Download our Revenue Marketing Benchmark Report to find out:

  • Top metrics to measure success
  • Barriers to drive pipeline and revenues
  • Your peers’ most successful tactics in generating quality leads
  • What your marketing priorities should be for 2020

Striking a Balance Between Give and Take

Getting the most from your Influitive AdvocateHub

Striking a Balance Between Give and Take Getting the most from your Influitive AdvocateHub

Like many forward-thinking B2B Marketers, you’ve come to appreciate the value that a successful advocate marketing program can bring to your business.

For example, advocate marketing helps you build a library of references you can use to win new business. It also gives your advocates a sense of community among their peers and helps you build a continuous pipeline of warm referral leads.

Download our Advocate Marketing SpringBoard to find out how to take your advocacy program to the next level by:

  • Assessing the maturity level of your advocacy program
  • Determining how much time you need to commit to your advocacy program
  • Measuring your return on investment

Video Marketing Funnel Guide

Create the right videos, for the right prospects

Video is one of the most engaging and efficient modes of online communication today. However, the type and style of video to produce varies depending on what stage of the sales funnel you are in.

Download our Video Marketing Funnel Guide to gain insight into:

  • Recommended video styles & lengths
  • Best video marketing channels & promotion
  • Suggested video Call-To-Action’s, all at each stage of the funnel
Video Marketing Funnel Cover Photo

The Buyer Journey Blueprint

Why Buyers Are In More Control Now Than Ever


There’s been a fundamental shift in the way people research and buy products, and we have the Internet and the rise of digital and social channels to thank. ‘I’ll be back,’ is the voice of your buyer as they delay conversations you, the vendor, looking instead to other trusted online sources to educate themselves on  your available products or solutions.

Download The Buyer Journey Blueprint to gain insight into how to engage prospects through effective inbound campaigns, and nurturing prospects with content that’s highly relevant to their needs, industry and roles, to convert buyers into satisfied customers.

How Marketing & Sales Can Become a Dynamic Duo

Six Essential Steps for Superior Marketing & Sales Alignment

Get practical insights on how you can better align your teams, including how to:

  • Create a shared lead taxonomy
  • Coordinate lead passing
  • Integrate processes with marketing automation
  • And more!

Download How Marketing & Sales can become a dynamic duo to discover your inner Marketing and Sales alignment superhero. Capes are optional.


Transforming Your Marketing Organization Into A

Revenue Marketing Beast


The last ten years have seen a significant shift from more traditional “above the line” (advertising and brand building) tactics to “below the line” (driven largely by inbound channel) tactics.

This transformation is being fueled by many elements, most notably:

  • Increasing demand from the C-Suite
  • Changing buyer behavior
  • Technology
  • Competency

Gain a better understanding of your level of marketing maturity. Find out how you can transform into a Revenue Marketing Beast.

Marketing Analytics

If You Don’t Measure It, You Can’t Market It

There’s been a major shift in marketing since the 1950s. Mad Men we are not.

The Internet and mobile devices have created new markets and opened new avenues to track. In this SpringBoard, we explore the missing imperative for, and impact of marketing analytics on today’s organizations.

Download Marketing Analytics Best Practices to learn:

  • The link between marketing analytics and ROI
  • Best-in-class analytics across four fundamental pillars of analytics: strategy, people, standards and processes, and technology
  • How Demand Spring’s experience can help you achieve better performance

Email Marketing

Tried & True Digital Glue for a New Media Landscape


Email marketing remains the king of ROI, returning $40 for every $1 spent. It’s critical in creating demand amongst audiences such as senior executives who don’t frequent your website.

This SpringBoard will provide you with the best practices that you need to know in order to get your emails opened and drive response.

Download Email Marketing Best Practices to gain insight into:

  • Subject line best practices
  • Optimal time of day and day of week
  • Optimizing for mobile
  • 5 ways to make it more personal