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Demand Spring Releases 4th Annual Revenue Marketing B2B Benchmark Report

OTTAWA, ON – January 19, 2021 – Revenue Marketing consultancy Demand Spring today released the results of their fourth annual Revenue Marketing B2B Benchmark Report. Numerous findings in the report indicate that Revenue Marketing has played a pivotal role within organizations throughout 2020, and will continue to do so post-pandemic. Over the past several years, […]

Stop living in the dark. Track these 5 analytic metrics today.


You know you NEED to track your Google Analytics, but you keep giving yourself reasons why you can’t… not enough time, too intimidating, waiting until your team hires an analytics guru, what’s the point? Sound like your internal conversations? Unfortunately, Marketo might not be the only software giving you headaches, so here are five bite-sized […]

The Deliverability Dig: Using Archeological Methods to Analyze Email Data


Email marketing continues to be one of the most used B2B lead nurturing channels. However, email is only effective in building brand awareness and driving conversion if your email makes it to the recipient’s inbox. If you’re experiencing deliverability issues across your email campaigns or are considering transitioning to a dedicated IP, it’s time for […]

Data-Driven Decision Making: Measure What Matters

The way we work and the way we live has certainly changed. From streamlined, mask-clad grocery runs, to finding a few minutes to squeeze in a team Zoom meeting, there is no doubt that our lives are much different than they were a few months ago. But we can’t let that change the way we […]

Marketing Directors: Here’s How to Find Top Talent in a Tight Job Market

One of the biggest problems marketing directors face today is staffing their teams in a highly competitive job market. In a six billion dollar industry, why can’t we recruit revenue marketing professionals? I caught up with Bill Anderson, our senior consultant and solutions architect, to talk about this problem. Here are a few tips to […]

Staffing the Revenue Marketing Team: Salary Ranges


Many of our clients turn to us when they need to build budgets while establishing a demand generation department. What kind of salary ranges should I plan for? What resources do I need? What job titles should I look for?  I’ve put together a quick chart to show you the salary ranges typical for revenue […]

A Marketer’s Guide to Preparing for an Economic Downturn


Editor’s Note: I sat down with Bill Anderson and we discussed how an economic downturn can affect B2B marketers and their organizations.  In this conversation, these are the insights that were shared. Can you explain how an economic Downturn affects B2B Marketers? When there’s a downturn, marketing and advertising budgets are typically the first things […]

Santa’s Marketing Transformation | 2019 Edition

The world is built on traditions passed on from generation to generation. This time of year is especially rich with them — Grandma’s shortbread recipe, Uncle Jim getting a little fluthered on holiday punch, and of course jolly ole’ Saint Nick. Speaking of Saint Nick, there are some troubling signs coming from the North Pole. […]