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Low-Lift Tactics To Accelerate Your Q4 Pipeline Today

As B2B revenue leaders, your role goes beyond attracting leads; it’s evolved to creating meaningful connections, accelerating pipeline, and designing pathways into new markets. In this post, I delve into three efficient tactics to engage and convert prospects, supercharge your pipeline and leverage prospect job changes.


1. Rekindle engagement with inactive prospects in your database.

The term “Inactive prospects” refers to individuals in your database who have shown no signals of engagement with your digital properties in the last 6 months or more but are at firms that fall within your ICP. I hope you’ve removed these individuals from your ongoing outbound, but a well-crafted re-engagement strategy with an “offer they can’t refuse” delivered through a channel they trust can be a good tactic to employ quarterly.

  • Recommended Channel: Paid Social on LinkedIn. While you can’t target individuals on LinkedIn, you can target profiles using attributes like title, department, company size, and geography. Bonus: if some of your contacts are unengaged because they’ve joined a new company, you’ll likely get them in your net with this tactic. It might seem counterintuitive to invest in a paid channel to activate dormant contacts. But if you’ve done your ICP work and you feel confident that it’s right, the investment is warranted. That being said, engagement is key. It is critical to closely monitor engagement with your digital assets. Have a plan to cut your losses early if you’re not seeing the anticipated level of engagement.
  • Content Arsenal: I typically see content like new research, case studies, and a comprehensive resource center perform well. Combine these with executive videos that provide insightful takeaways and video testimonials showcasing success stories.


2. Revive Stalled Opportunities With High-Value And High-Touch

What are stalled opportunities? Potential deals that have hit roadblocks within the Sales pipeline.

  • Recommended Channel: Consider a high-touch approach with high-value propositions. Authentic, executive-level outreach and 1:1 communication exemplify a high-level of commitment and can lead to continued conversations and ultimately a closed-won deal.
  • Content Strategy: Deliver content that adds value at every stage of the buying process. My clients have success activating case studies, video testimonials and making introductions to current clients who have faced similar challenges.


3. Continue To Nurture Stakeholders Who Have Moved On

Who are transitioning stakeholders? Former champions or stakeholders that have moved on to new firms and are within your ICP. A former Director is now a VP of Marketing. And a former VP is now a CMO. You’ve established yourself as a trusted partner in the past; be sure to get on their agenda early in their new role.

  • Recommended Channel: Utilize LinkedIn direct messaging and email communication.
  • Content Approach: Extend an opportunity to reconnect, gather updated information, and perhaps ask for introductions. Leverage the existing relationship to navigate potential new avenues.


Remember, it’s not just about reaching out; it’s about making a meaningful impact that resonates with your audience. By targeting inactive accounts, breathing life into stalled pipelines and skillfully managing transitioning stakeholders, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your Q4 pipeline goal. Get in touch with us today!

Elli Plihcik

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