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Demand Spring Releases Top 10 Revenue Marketing Predictions for 2020

OTTAWA, ON – January 22, 2020 – Revenue Marketing consultancy Demand Spring today released a report outlining their top 10 marketing predictions for 2020. 

Marketing seldom follows a set plan. As Demand Spring’s team of consultants have discovered in the journeys they share with clients, the best learning happens when we move off the beaten path. These learnings are what make up Demand Spring’s Top 10 Marketing Predictions for the year, and will help marketers through the diverse and winding trails we’ll follow in 2020. 

Here are Demand Spring Top 10 Marketing Predictions for 2020: 

  1. “SILOED” finally gets kicked to the curb – marketing doesn’t just belong to the marketing team any longer. 
  2. The Martech landscape came to a screeching halt last year and will continue to move slowly; and no one is talking about it – now is the time to make sense of the technologies that are out there, and what works best to help move your organization forward. 
  3. Virtual work and shared workspaces give companies the edge in winning the battle for top talent – more and more employees will be seeking opportunities that honor and support a virtual work environment. 
  4. Marketers continue to struggle to become data-centric – organizations need to understand the metrics that matter most.
  5. CMOs and CHROs/CPOs come together to win the war on talent – CMOs need to form valuable bonds with Chief Human Resource and People Officers.
  6. Data and privacy regulations make demand generation programs 25% less effective – the time spent grappling with legacy data, coupled with the time spent forging compliant paths to quality leads, will decrease marketing demand gen results. 
  7. Those who have not transitioned to Revenue Marketing practices will not catch up – in 2020 the gap between traditional and modern marketing organizations will increase dramatically.
  8. The honeymoon is over, marketers need to show ROI – marketers must know and show their impact on the organization’s bottom line.
  9. Only 25% of organizations realize true revenue results from account-based marketing – marketers must take the time to define and execute well-thought-out ABM strategies.
  10. AI technology takes over 10% of the B2B buyer journey – AI chatbots and personalization tools will be mainstream in 2020.

Mark Emond, President of Demand Spring, said: 

“As we move into a new decade, we know that Revenue Marketing very rarely looks the same from one organization to another, and sometimes from one day to the next. Our consultants have worked with hundreds of clients from a vast number of industries, and quite frankly have seen it all. These predictions outline what we see as some of the top things that marketers should be aware of and learn more about as we move into 2020, and beyond.” 

For more information, and to see a full copy of the report, visit the Demand Spring website.

Nicole Baker

Nicole is a public relations professional and self-proclaimed news junkie based in Ottawa, Canada. She works with Demand Spring on various public awareness activities and initiatives.

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