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Demand Spring Releases 6th Annual Revenue Marketing B2B Benchmark Report

BOSTON, MA – July 5, 2023 – Revenue Marketing consultancy Demand Spring today released the results of their 6th annual Revenue Marketing B2B Benchmark Report. 

Since 2017, Demand Spring has been compiling and sharing observations from B2B marketers and presenting those findings in its annual Revenue Marketing B2B Benchmark Survey, offering marketers insights into evolving practices, tools, and performance expectations. This year, over 100 respondents from marketing organizations across North America have contributed to a report that provides an insightful snapshot of marketers’ collective outlook on Revenue Marketing in 2023. 

Awareness around Revenue Marketing continues to grow, with 97% of respondents this year indicating they have a familiarity with and understanding of the term ‘Revenue Marketing’. This is up  from 91% in 2022, and a growth of 33% since Demand Spring’s Revenue Marketing survey launched back in 2018.

Some of the key findings uncovered in this year’s survey include: 

  • 85% of respondents believe that their Revenue Marketing priorities are aligned with the short and long-term goals of the business.
  • 52% of respondents reported being able to demonstrate marketing’s contribution to pipeline and revenue for some of their Revenue Marketing investments, while another 12% were able to demonstrate marketing’s contribution across all investments. 
  • 73% of marketers indicated that they are leveraging AI in their marketing processes.


“With six years of data from close to 1000 marketers, we are now able to look back and reflect on trends that have taken shape and marketing practices that have evolved and endured,” said Matt Roberts, CEO of Demand Spring. “This year’s respondents cover a diverse set of B2B companies across a variety of industries and company sizes, as well as a variety of roles across Revenue Marketing, with nearly 50% of responses coming from marketing executives. We’ve uncovered a number of insights that will help marketers validate their marketing plans and compare their own perspectives to those of their peers. ” 

For more information, and to see a full copy of the report, visit


About Demand Spring

Demand Spring is an integrated Revenue Marketing consultancy that helps marketing organizations stand taller by enabling them to scale their ability to contribute to pipeline and revenue. Our team of Revenue Marketing Strategists, Content Marketers, and Marketing Technologists help our clients transform their marketing practices, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and drive revenue. For more information, visit  


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