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Demand Spring Clients Realize Significant ROI from Marketo As A Service

OTTAWA, ON – April 28, 2022 – Revenue Marketing consultancy Demand Spring, a recognized Marketo specialist with an extensive team of Marketo Certified Experts, has seen tremendous growth of Marketo as a Service – Demand Spring’s unique modular Marketo offering. 

Over the past couple of years many organizations have faced a shortage of qualified talent as employees have shifted their careers during the pandemic. More and more marketing organizations have turned to augmenting their internal resources with outside consultants to oversee Marketo on a daily basis. As a result, Demand Spring has experienced a strong demand for Marketo as a Service (MaaS), which provides organizations everything they need to get the full value out of Marketo, including expert resources to onboard, execute, and measure Marketo programs. 

Organizations from a variety of industries have seen the significant value and ROI that MaaS provides, including:

  • High quality program execution from a distinguished team of Marketo Certified Experts
  • Access to Demand Spring’s extensive Marketo knowledge base
  • Headcount coverage without the added headcount for capacity gaps caused by attrition, parental leave, or program surges….at just 75% of the cost of bringing on a full-time employee.


Waters Corporation is just one of a number of clients that have utilized Demand Spring’s expertise to help them effectively implement Marketo. 

“Implementing Marketo on a world wide scale can come with challenges, but our close partnership with Demand Spring enabled the Waters team to take this on with confidence,” said Christy Mathurin, Senior Manager, Revenue Marketing at Waters Corporation. “Acting as an extension of our team, the MaaS team helped ensure all regional and local teams had the day-to-day support needed to keep their business running during the implementation. They worked with us to set up a process that could work seamlessly across the globe and meet the needs of our stakeholders.”

At MECCO, Demand Spring was brought in to work alongside the team to execute their Marketo programs using industry leading best practices. This included building and launching nurture programs, event marketing programs, and building email assets, smart lists, and campaigns.

“You can tell when the person you are working with is well-read on a platform such as Marketo,” said Kristina Gleeson, Content Marketing Specialist, MECCO. “Whatever questions we ask the Demand Spring team, we know that their answers are based on current industry best practices.”

“As one of Marketo’s top partners for the past number of years, the Demand Spring team brings a deep knowledge of and experience with Marketo,” said Mark Emond, Founder and President of Demand Spring. “With our extensive Marketo background and knowledge base, and a customer NPS of 95/100, our team of certified Marketo experts is proud of the work we do providing high quality program execution for a range of organizations – from medium-sized business to Fortune 1000 companies.”

For more information, visit the Demand Spring website.

Nicole Baker

Nicole is a public relations professional and self-proclaimed news junkie based in Ottawa, Canada. She works with Demand Spring on various public awareness activities and initiatives.

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