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5 Steps to Create a Persona Engagement Plan

I recently facilitated a workshop for a client towards the end of a buyer persona project, where we used the persona research we developed to build a persona-centric engagement plan. We always include this workshop in our persona research services to ensure the research is put to work right away.

Here’s the short and sweet summary of 5 steps to get you started on creating your own persona engagement plan. 

  1. Deeply understand your target persona. Pay particular attention to their key pressures (operational and industry-driven), emotions, motivations, and preferences.
  2. Brainstorm key messages for each stage of the buyer’s journey. Generate as many ideas as possible to start, then pick the top 5 messages by stage. Think about which messages will resonate most with your persona at each distinct stage.
  3. Identify the key channels to engage with your personas. Think physical, digital, and human channels.
  4. Based on the chosen channels and key messages, identify the offers and experiences that you will put into the market to engage your prospects on their journey.
  5. Map the journeys that your prospects will take through your campaign. Start to draw paths between the different offers and channels placing yourself in the shoes of your prospect as they go through their journey. Propel the buyer forward in their buying process by providing well thought out journeys and conversion points. Ensure that journeys are end to end and cross both marketing and sales. 

Want to see the entire framework and detailed template? Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Alexandra Capello

Lex bends over backward (literally) to make sure the needs of clients’ are met. Her flexibility, positive energy, and marketing expertise make her an invaluable member to any effort she takes head-on, including teaching the Demand Spring weekly Yoga session.

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