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5 Resources to Learn Marketo

Marketo is one of the most popular marketing automation platforms. It’s built to engage the customer, leverage behavior data, and deliver win-ready leads to sales. Learning Marketo can be tricky, but we have put together a guide to make your journey to certification as simple as possible.

Whether you learn best through reading, watching, or practice exercises, we have options for you!

Becoming a Marketo Engage Business Practitioner (formerly known as Marketo Certified Associate) is a highly recognized certification in the digital marketing world. Achieving this certification will help boost your resume, and make an impact in your organization. The road to earning your certification can be a little unclear but we are here to help.

  1. The very first step is to check out Marketo University. Not only will you learn the fundamentals of Marketo, but this free course will also show you how to use the platform, and teach you best practices of digital marketing.
  2. Another free resource is Marketo Training. This is very similar to Marketo University, however this training is more self-directed with more quizzes. We recommend that you first check out Marketo University, and then use these pages to fill in any gaps. They have great bingeable training videos.
  3. Marketo Product Docs is another great resource. It has a wealth of information but as a heads up, it can be difficult to navigate.
  4. Demand Spring also has it’s very own Marketo Learning Hub. If you learn best through videos, this is a great option.
  5. Adobe offers courses to learn Marketo that are very helpful for the exam. Keep in mind they are quite expensive, and all the information needed for the exam is already publicly available and free to access. Nonetheless, if you’d like to take a “shortcut” and get help from the Marketo experts, it’s a solid option.

By now you should be very familiar with Marketo and feel just about ready to become a Marketo Engage Business Practitioner. There is plenty of quiz material available before taking the exam. Marketo provides a practice exam and has a very strong community where many have posted practice questions. Keep in mind that Marketo refreshes the questions often so don’t expect the same questions seen in practice.

Taking the Exam

Before writing your Marketo Engage Business Practitioner exam, you’ll want to be sure you are confident in your knowledge of the platform. Writing the test is not free so you’ll want to be comfortable heading into the exam. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t succeed on your first try! You can learn from your mistakes and head into your next attempt with a better grasp of the exam.

The exam currently costs $125 USD and asks 60 questions in which you have 120 minutes to answer. The exam covers a few major areas in Marketo: Marketing Automation Fundamentals (20%), Audience Targeting and Data Management (15%), Email Marketing Fundamentals (30%), Landing Pages (10%), Form Basics (10%), Analytics and Reporting (5%), and Events and Webinars (10%). Check out this guide to learn more about what you’ll need to know for the exam. Adobe also provides 12 sample test questions for you to quiz yourself on to assess if you are ready to take on the exam.

If you have followed these instructions, and studied until comfortable with the material, you should be ready to take the exam!

Best of luck.

Marketo Microlearning Form

The Demand Spring team has compiled an in-depth program to help you learn Marketo. It’s free, and you can sign up by filling out the form below. You will receive daily emails with tidbits of information, videos, and quizzes to help learn Marketo over time. This program has proven successful in the past and is a great way to level up your Marketo knowledge! Learning is completely self-guided, and you may go at your own pace.

Jack Laushway

Jack is a Marketo Certified Associate who is passionate about delivering success to clients and supporting their marketing efforts through creativity and innovation.

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