Demand System Workshopdemand_generation

Are there leaky pipes in your demand system that are causing you to lose leads and revenue?

Our Demand System Workshop is a great way for your marketing team to stay up-to-date on the practices and processes that enable lead creation, progression, and hand-off to sales.

This two-day workshop will educate you on the seven essential areas of a healthy demand system:

  1. Buyer Journey Insight
  2. Sales and Marketing alignment
  3. Optimized lead management processes
  4. An integrated technology infrastructure
  5. Inbound marketing
  6. Content that engages and educates throughout the buyer journey
  7. Analytics that enable data-driven decision-making
Scope and Deliverables

The Demand System Workshop includes the following components:

  • Live instruction from one of our senior demand generation strategists, covering best practices within each of the seven essential areas.
  • Actionable templates for conducting a self-review of your demand system.
  • Presentation slides and notes to share within your organization.