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ABM Planning

Too often, ABM programs are a set of one-offs fuelled by paid ads and underperforming technology that don’t feed pipeline.

Which is unfortunate, because they’re supposed to help you orchestrate marketing and sales touches that promise larger, quicker deals with your most desirable clients and prospects.

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Strategic revenue marketers know that they can leverage ABM to meet growing revenue targets…but they might not know how.

That’s where we come in. Let us show you how to take a strategic approach to ABM that delivers revenue results. Our 6-step process gets your ABM programs up and running in 6 weeks by helping you:

1. Select and understand your accounts

Identify your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and target account list.

2. Identify the business goals

Whether you’re looking to acquire new clients, enrich existing accounts, accelerate stuck deals, or something else, having clear goals is key.

3. Develop account insights

Identify contacts in your database and where there are gaps.

4. Plan your tactics

Confirm the type of ABM (e.g. One-to-One, One-to-Few, One-to-Many).

5. Build account plays

Build out marketing and sales plays to attract and engage your target account(s).

6. Execute and optimize

Create a technology plan that supports ABM and optimize your current tech stack for scalability and efficiency, or implement a new technology to rev up your ABM capabilities.

You walk away with a fully implemented ABM campaign that will drive revenue from your target accounts, with marketing and sales working in unison.

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