Tech Stack Audit

If your marketing technology tools aren’t piling on the insights, something's gotta give.

Our team of seasoned MarTech consultants (systems thinkers, every one) can help you pinpoint which shiny apps and platforms are working their hardest, which are holding you back, and how to get the most out of the tools you need.

We can help with just about any challenge:

  • You need an expert to analyze your instance and provide a realistic roadmap for success.
  • You want to stabilize your instance and ensure your infrastructure is sound moving forward.
  • Your instance has been through many hands and lacks documentation.
  • You have concerns that the sync with CRM isn’t working properly.
  • Your internal resources lack specific Marketo skills and require advisory and education.


Our Marketo Audit service includes:

  • First Findings Repor
    Within three weeks that identifies initial issues and their impact and offers critical short-term recommendations.
  • Comprehensive Assessment
    Within eight weeks that identifies the issues and their impact, along with pragmatic, tangible recommendations aligned to each stage of the customer lifecycle.
  • A Pragmatic roadmap
    For instance optimization.

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