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Wisdom Wednesday, Episode 92 | Career Planning in a Volatile Economy

On today’s edition of Wisdom Wednesday, I am building off last week’s episode, where I shared insights for CMOs and marketing executives as they prepare for an economic downturn. This week, I’m offering my thoughts on how employees can manage their careers in these unstable times. Watch as I discuss:

  1. The importance of recalibrating expectations;
  2. Why you should do your homework before considering a move and; 
  3. How you can become indispensable in your organization.

I hope this episode offers some reflection as we are all navigating through economic volatility.

Check back next week for more wisdom.

Mark Emond

Founder and President

Mark Emond has a tremendous passion for developing advanced, yet pragmatic Revenue Marketing strategies that deliver early results and long-term growth for our clients.

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